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17/01/24 Glenelg

Si was up at the crack of cow shit, and was taking in the view from the balcony when I finally opened my eyes. Having decided our plan of attack, it was time to put said plan into action. We left the Hotel and walked to the Marina, taking in the lush green parks surrounding us and the clean streets and pavements. The place is well and truly set up for the outside lifestyle, with amazing kids recreation areas, play grounds trampolines and even outdoor gym equipment. The Marina is easily accessible with Mildred and even though it was really windy, we enjoyed the brisk walk. Along the sides of the marina are some excellent restraunts and I promised to take Simon to the OysterBar for supper. I'd last eaten there about 5 years ago and the Oysters were not only exceptional, but they were also very reasonable per dozen.

We walked along the marina and then turned the corner and walked up the sea front. Despite the wind, the sun was shining down on us and the ocean was choppy to say the least, and still being the school holidays, there were groups of little kids learning to surf and also surf lifesaving. The kids were so well behaved, sat around in their groups, listening to what their instructors were telling them. There was no way in hell that you'd loose one of them, their life jackets were seriously bright!

Glenelg is very flat, the length of the beach is pavemented making it a runners and cyclists paradise. It also makes for easy wheeling in Mildred. Today there were cyclists of all ages, and an awful lot of elderly men in lycra which was making me feel a little bit sick to be honest, so much so I needed coffee. Well what I really needed was a stiff gin, but it was a bit early. We stopped on the square where there are an abundance of coffe shops, bakeries, and other eating establishments. The bakery of choice was selling Scallop Pies (with six scallops in each one guaranteed) which Si really fancied so we indulged. We were most impressed that there were indeed, 6 large juicy scallops in the pie, and it was absolutley delicious. We sat outside to watch the world go by, and we were protected from the stiff breeze. Oh my goodness we realised right then just how hot it was, the sun was beating down on us. There was nothing more for us to do but sit and watch the world go by, enjoying the coffee and pie. The Square is also the tram stop for Adelaide, which is about 20 minutes away. The tram is very efficient, and very regular. The stop is Mildred accessible and just a really great mode of transport. We decided to walk around for a while and see what was available there. Given that its relatively close to the city, we were really surprised that it had everything you could need. What we liked best was the fact that there were an abundance of little boutique shops, and hardly any big chains in sight. The buildings are generally all colonial style, with no high rises to be seen and lovely wide streets and pavements. The pavements were shaded and so so clean, a real pleasure to explore.

We located an OP shop, and poped in to see if we could find any bargains to replace some of our clothes. We came out with a shirt for Simon, a dress for me and a new pink peaked hat. Outstanding, we love a bargain! With our purchases squirreled away we retraced our steps and went back to the hotel. A rest/nana nap was in order as all of a sudden the long day we had had travelling had caught up with us.

When we got back to the hotel, it as always, made me smile. It's a round hotel, why wouldn't that make you smile? I also discovered I'd redeemed myself as tour operator. I'd almost had the sack the night before when we rocked up there. Personally I can't see what is wrong with it. I found out that it was the fact that the door looked like it had been broken into, and in the dark it looked pretty dodgy. Obviously I didn't see it that way, however when we got inside and he saw it in the daylight this morning he decided I was able to stay in the tour operator role. phew close call there!

A revitilising nap was just the ticket, and we were nicely refreshed and ready to eat Oysters. A quick shower, change, and we were out the door, and bowling along the pavements towards The Marina. All the parks were being watered with sprinklers which explains how they remain so lush in the middle of summer. When we arrived at the Oyster Bar, it was packed to the rafters. We can only assume that its a very popular place to have supper. Due to the fact that we couldn't even get into the place we carried on up the Marina and into the Sunset Bar. It was a dramatic opposite to the Oyster Bar and aside from us there were just 4 other customers. Ordering a cocktail for me and a Beer for Simon, we went to the back of the pub, to watch the sunset. However, because the sun was bouncing off the ocean we both ended up with arc eye, the people sat behind us were at risk from immediate vision loss from the glare off Simons head. (his words, not mine) Once the sun had sunk from the sky we made a move and went to see if we could get into the Oyster Bar, and to our great delight we could. Sitting down inside, as it was a bit chilly to sit outside we were handed our menus. We decided what we wanted and Si went to place the order at the bar. Behind the waitress, there were bottles stacked up and above them was a constantly working ice machine. Every few seconds a few cubes would fly out and pile up around the bottles to keep them cool.

We are having a few problems with Bob, he has turnd into a right diva, and was now demanding Oysters too, we came to a compromise, he's buying!! He did agree to that as long as he had first pull on the Oysters. We couldn't have known how much Bob likes Oysters and didn't realise he would consume a full dozen in under 3 minutes and then spending the remaining time in the Bar looking longingly at Simons Oysters. Needless to say that Somin was not sharing his oysters with a not so fluffy Bob.... even if Bob had paid!

Nicely stuffed from the Oysters, and the following courses of fish and chips and coconut prawn tortillas we rumbled the short walk back to the hotel. Our bus leaves tomorrow evening and as such, i wanted to re arrange a few bits and bobs in the Sturdy one in a vain attempt to make more room inside. It worked to a degree! yay go me.

Due to a long day looming tomorrow , we hit the sack to hopefully try and bank some hours of sleep in anticipation of limited sleep on the bus.

Much love


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