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 Hello, and Thanks for stopping by!


First up I have to tell you, I am nobody, I’m not royal, although I am absolutely a Princess, I haven’t done anything earth shatteringly brilliant besides create two perfect human beings. I haven’t discovered the cure for all illnesses, I’m just a slightly eccentric female with tales to tell. This blog has been 8 years in the making, and it leaves me feeling extremely vulnerable, something I really don’t like but as the fabulous author Susan Jeffers writes …. Feel the fear and do it anyway! 

So with a ton of love and encouragement from my wonderful Hubby, here goes nothing ...

I was involved in a car crash on my way home from work on 24 May 2011, and I came out of it with what were described to me as life changing injuries. If that wasn't enough, I battle with PTSD, chronic pain, severe nerve damage and significantly reduced mobility, 

Prior to this I was a Police Officer working shifts. I absolutely adored my job and, had planned out my career in the force for the foreseeable future. I raced quad bikes for fun, ran miles and went to the gym just because I could and because I loved it. I had a great social life and circle of friends (I've never suffered from hangovers!). I was also a single mum to two great kids, (they are still great kids who have exceeded my wildest dreams) doing all the mum things whilst juggling all the other plates. I know lots of parents can relate to this. 

Before I divulge more, I just want to say that this is by no means a “feel sorry for me” blog, because it’s not. I like to think of it as sharing the journey, and, if just one person benefits from reading it then its worth doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of lows I can tell you, and if it wasn’t for my incredible dog Tikaani, I wouldn’t be here now, tap tapping away on my laptop.

So, shit happens, and it can happen every single day, mostly without rhyme or reason. You have a choice in how you’re going to deal with them in the long run. You can wallow forever-and-a-day in your own self-pity and become a victim of your circumstances, or you can stick two fingers up at the cards you’ve been dealt and live the life you have, because you’re still breathing. This isn’t to say you’re not allowed bad days; it just means you grieve for what you’ve lost, take time to adjust and then pick up what’s left and kick the ass out of life.


Sounds so bloody easy doesn’t it? Well I wish I could say it was, its been a long painful and emotional journey thus far. I truly believe there is a process that you must to go through before you start to come out the other side. Someone with a lot more knowledge and intelligence on the subject than I have has probably written a book on it!

This little blog will introduce you to my dog, my wheelchairs, Doris and Mildred, my travels and adventures (warning - it contains mild profanities). It covers the PTSD, how it affects me and what I do to keep it from running my life. It also contains funny little stories that have happened to me in the last few years.


I started writing daily after the crash with the aid of a speak and spell program. It served as a kind of therapy. I was absolutely gutted when my memory stick died and I lost everything on it. Maybe the writing had done its job for me and was no longer needed, who knows, but whatever the reason it was gone. They were very dark times, and thankfully I barely remember them, due to medications, head injury and the like. However, I do have several saved which I will be sharing.


I have tried my hardest not to make it an Eeyore festival... you know, GLOOMY!! I want to share the laughter, tears, trips, adventures and the inevitable disasters with you and to bring my particular brand of pink sparkly nuttiness into your lives! Time is a great healer and in my case, this is certainly true, when you start living again great things happen, I am now a million miles away from the girl who thought her life had ended and this is thanks to the many incredible people I’ve had around me along the way. I have a life now where I’m disgustingly independent, happy and back in control of pretty much everything. That’s not to say there are no bad days, there are. I am in constant pain and some days I can barely move, but instead of it preventing me doing things, it reminds me I’m alive and I’m a lot better off than many others in the world.

I hope you’ll pop by and have a look at future installments, and if you don’t that’s fine, thank you for reading this anyway.


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