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Bahrain Monday 27/11/23

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

After a busy few days travelling and sightseeing, we deserved a day of rest so spent the majority of the dayu at the hotel complex oppopsite the apartment. As Dai and Caz are members we were able to go in on their ticket. the majority of beaches in Bahrain are owned by hotels, and the public beaches are not so good. The has several pools and a seperate adults only pool and lots of comfy loungers. the beach is private and only accessible to members and guests. it boasts an inflatable water park and has several lifeguards, along with swings at the far end of the beach that is only accessible at low tide. a lovely breeze comes in off the sea, and despite being "winter" it was still a balmy 27 degrees and relatively low humidity. at the entrance to the adult pool there is a jacuzzi, which i obviously had to try out. It was very warm, and not dissimilar to a hydro pool with some nice powerful jets. it does overlook the beach, but for privacy it has a hedge planted in front of it to hide it from prying eyes. The hotel also has several cabannas you cant rent for the day if you so wished.

As it was a day off, we took Bob for a chill out too, and frankly he kicked the arse right out of the loungers and cocktails. turns out hes quite partial to a Strawberry Daquiri. who can blame him. He also caught a few rays and generally admired the view from his position. He took a dip in the pool too with Si, and seemed to really enjoy that, maybe it cooled him down.... even though he's not so fluffy Bob .... hes still fluffy.

Bob taking in the View and living his best life

Too many Strawberry Daquiri's Bob?

Si and Bob taking a cooling dip in the pool

The view from Dai and Cazzies balcony ....

After a very relaxing day in the sun its amazing how tired we were. This doing nothing takes some getting used to! We watched the sun go down over the main Island, which starts around 16.30 and is pretty quick, then got ready to go out to a favourite haunt of Dai and Caz. After eating there i can see why, the food is wonderful. The waitress was so funny and Dai told her Si was his father, as a result she called him dad for the evening. Its a really quirky place, with photos of movie stars gracing the walls, and a very Hollywood theme. Its located in a Mall, the majority of the businesses there are invested in by Kuwait investors. Sadly it hasnt picked up since covid but hopefully it will in the near future. Its too good a place not to be bouncing.

Being the lightweight i am, and having a ginormous food baby in my belly i was a bit pooped, so had another early night, as did Caz and Bob. We left the boys to a bottle of wine and headed to bed to prepare for a full days sightseeing and shopping.

Cast your mind back to "the Flawed one' , our rather bedraggled rucksack .... tomorrow we go hunting for a new one to replace it and then before we go to Dubai we shall give it a ceremonial send off down the rubbish shoot. pft. i may also need to locate a watch repair shop, the jacuzzi has killed my watch, it clearly dislikes watches. what a marvelous ready made excuse to purchase another one at some point. So with that, i send you much love. Flairey. x

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