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31/12/23 Kuala Lumpur

Happy birthday to me! What a deliciously lazy day. Most of it spent in a large white fluffy dressing gown, eating chocolates and watching the city go about its city stuff. Kinda feels like I've wasted the whole day, but since I wanted to see the new year in, it was a necessity. We'd planned to have food just up the street from the hotel, in the lovely little Spanish restaurant, purely because the waiter who looked like NikNack from the old Bond Movie was so hilarious. Before going out we packed the sturdy one so all we had to do in the morning was throw in the wash bag and zip her up.

It was quite busy and the turn over quite fast. The food was blimin lush and we gave Bob the phone to play with to keep him quiet while the grown ups ate in peace. Our intention was to stay in the bar until midnight, see the new year in there and watch the fireworks. Before going out we checked out the end of our landing and found a large glass viewing point which afforded us a better view of the city skyline. Having discovered that we could potentially see better there than in the bar we decided to go back to the room after we'd eaten, I could get back into my fluffy white dressing gown and slippers. Then just toddle down the corridor to see the fireworks. Good plan!

Just before midnight the communities around us started letting off fireworks and at the stroke of midnight the main event started. It was a bit of a damp squid to be honest and I've had better firework displays in the house with sparklers on a New Year's Eve. The location of the display had changed from the City park to the TRX building and as a result wasn't as good. In fairness there has been stuff going on all day, bands playing, kids entertainment lots of alcohol, but we hadn't gone to that. Reason being, too many people, the older I get the less I like crowds of people. Nope really not my thing anymore.

Also trying to get back to our hotel would have been a nightmare with Mildred and we wouldn't have got in till the early hours. With an early wake up for our onward flight to Perth we thought that perhaps that wouldn't be such a great idea. We all know how grumpy I get when I'm tired! Bob is worse. I tell you what, that teddy is a diva.

With the disappointment of the fireworks there was nothing more for it than to finish off my chocolates, set the alarm and get some (more) kip

Much Love


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