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27/02/24 Fiji

Another splendid morning in Paradise, and I decided to try out the hammock. They look so comfortable and inviting, so I thought I could have an hour in there and just watch the waves.

I'm not exactly renowned for my excellent agility and suppleness, so getting was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. I selected my Hammock and tried to get my sizeable arse over the edge. I managed it, just about, and was teetering on a very narrow piece of webbing. The hammock was panicked, I knew this because I could feel it quaking in fear for what I was about to put it through. I got one leg in, which was a positive start to the whole thing, the problems began when I attempted to get the other leg in. I was holding on to the webbing on either side for grim death, trying to slide the second leg into a more central position. I think I attempted the manoeuvre a little too fast because somehow I was now in an upside down position, underneath the hammock, while still holding on to it. Laughter wasn't helping the situation at all, and after several fruitless attempts at trying to flip myself the right way up i conceded defeat and plopped to the floor. I'd like to think I managed it with dignity and finesse, but unfortunately that was far from the case. I was in an untidy heap on the floor, sarong all over the place and utterly unable to move for laughing. Si said I was too short for that particular hammock, and I should try one that was closer to the ground. How very dare he! So I did. The next one was significantly closer to the ground, and when I lined myself up ready I could tell that this had the potential to work for me. So, I sat, all good so far! Managing to get my butt into the middle of it was definitely easier and I carefully reclined before hoiking my legs in. There was a serious wobble going on as I tried to get myself in the middle of it but I'm no quitter and finally got myself balanced. They are supposed to be comfortable, well that's a myth of epic proportions. I had to spend the whole time I was in It (all of 2 minutes) trying not to fall out. I decided that hammocks are really not my thing and started to get out. Man, I thought getting in was tricky enough, getting out was in no way easier. In the end I adopted the roll and plop move and that worked. I confess I had to be hauled up off the floor again, which Si did once he'd finished filming me. Dusting off the bits of sand, I stuck my nose in the air, went past the workmen with as much poise and dignity that I could muster and proceeded to breakfast.

We opted for a day by the pool today, the dead cow from yesterday had been removed but I wasn't feeling the beach at all. Besides the loungers were a lot more comfortable at the pool than on the beach. The pool was great, and somewhat cooler than the outside temperatures so we spent quite a while in there. There were two girls going out in Kyacks but the sand was so hot they were running a few feet dragging the kyacks along side them, then stopping, and jumping in to cool their feet down. They did that all the way to the waters edge, which we found rather amusing. When they returned, the same routine was followed until they were back on the grass. The dirty mingers didn't bother to shower off their sandy feet and got straight in the pool.

By around beer o'clock we determined we were ready for a rum, and it was delicious but too easy to drink by far! Two of those and We were ready for a siesta. We booked the taxi to Port Denarau for the morning so we could catch the boat to the Island for the next part of the trip. A day spent on Fiji time is a day well spent!

Much Love


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