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27/01/24 Malacoota

Well that was fun! Sadly we didnt see any koalas yesterday, but last night we certainly heard them. The noise was incredible, I really can't belive such a cute fluffy little thing can make such a hideous noise. and it went on for ages, there were a few different calls so they were either at sewing club or having a beer club on the bank holiday friday.

Disappointed not to have seen them, just behind us, as i mentioned, was a field, and this morning there 4 grey kangaroos in there eating and lying under the trees in the cool. They are obviousy used to people being arounf as they wereny phased n the slightest about my bright pink clothes, and were there for ages. I also spotted Kookaburra in the tree too, and yes, it was laughing at me.

Deeply insulted at being laughed at by a damn bird, I went and got breakfast ready, only fruit and nuts, but they taste great sat outside in the sunshine

Our day pretty much followed on from yesterday afternoon, more reading, relaxing and taking in the sunshine, the site was even quieter as a few vans had gone home. Well it was quiet until someone started up the boat , for maintenance purposes around tea time. I say maintenance purposes, I don't really know what the reason for starting the motor up on dry land but either way it was a the only bug bear really.

due to us not having done anything of interest all day, apart form make a few plans for the next bit og th trip its a short and boring one today.

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