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26/12/23 Himmafushi

So the Christmas festivities continued today in much the same way as they did yesterday. One difference however was the distinct lack of chocolate Orange!!!

Never mind, as always a delicious breakfast was served up for us which we thoroughly enjoyed. It is a little strange being somewhere without Christmas decorations but we made up for it by playing Christmas Songs on the phones, although I can't say as I missed it too much. I know, me saying I didn't miss Christmas decorations too much. If we're home for Christmas next year I may have to go mad with fairy lights and trees etc.

The day followed almost the exact same format as yesterday, but without lunch, because we don't normally eat two meals a day.

Lots of nice juices and teas to drink, with the best company. We had thought about going fishing but Ali said it was too windy and the sea would be too rough in the little boat, so we knocked that plan on the head and did absolutely nothing at all, except visit the beach and swim in the sea. Life is tough, you don't understand. I have to admit to being a tad relieved when the fishing trip was a no go, I'm spending far too much time on damn boats to be perfectly honest!

A pretty quiet day and nothing very much to report. The Molar Wave has some new guests in and two of them seem really nice, a couple from Sardinia but the other one, a solo traveller, well there was something about him that set my spidey senses a tingling.. can't put my finger on what it was but it was definitely something. Perhaps being tired has heightened the senses!!! He's the only one so far out of all the people we've met along the way that both of us instantly felt the same way about. Hopefully he

Will prove us wrong, but two ex cops can't both be wrong. Well not often anyway!!!

Apologies for another boring update, but it is Boxing Day.

Much love


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