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24/04/24 Auckland

Well I slept well!! Si, not so much. I think he’d had too much coffee during the day and it was making its effects known! He was up at 0630hrs walking the streets of Auckland looking for a coffee shop, and a bacon roll. Clearly I wasn’t! 

Opening up the sturdy one we sorted the washing and threw the first of 4,”loads in. We may need to get another bag, I have been buying things as we’ve gone along and it’s surprising how much stuff I’ve accumulated.  We took a rumble down to the harbour area, and around Queen street, as there were a few last minute things I wanted to get and stopped for some lunch in a place called the Turkish Cafe. Does what it says on the tin.  Really good falafels, and kebabs! Very filling but healthy! Once we’d got the bits we  started our way back to the hotel. Morg had already messaged and was coming over in a bit with the rest of our stuff and to meet us for supper.  

Auckland is very hilly and has very steep hills to boot, Si had quite the workout!  Morg arrived a few minutes after we got back via Uber and we had a discussion about bags. Si was all for cramming everything into the little backpacks we had and carrying the rest on board. I was more in favour of a big washing bag to get it all in and wrapped at the airport to keep it secure.  

Morg had a Quick Look online at Bunnings and found exactly what I wanted, so we rumbled up to Carmen Jones again, and whilst we went in for a drink, he hopped on  an e scooter and went to pick one up for us. Within a few minutes he was back, bag in hand and joined us to wait for Liv. 

Carmen Jones’s does the lovely small dishes which we all tucked into with gusto, we didn’t have room for dessert, that’s how good it was! Although I’m sure we could have squeezed one if we tried really hard! Full as eggs, we rumbled back to our hotel. Morg and Liv were going to walk home from us and we are meeting up with them tomorrow.  

Both very tired we swapped another load of washing in, the room resembles a Chinese laundry but now we have an enormous laundry/tote bag we are hopeful we can fit everything in. We’ve requested a later checkout in the morning, and there’s the option to leave our bags there if we want to, which is helpful. We’ve checked in for the flight to New York, well as much as we can, they need to see evidence of our onward journey before we can be booked in fully.  

Much Love


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