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29/04/24 Anthem of The Seas day 2

Well, I don't like trying to sleep in a boat, I spent the night gripping on to the duvet to stop me sliding off the bed. Anxiety levels are high, it has to be said. The cabin feels claustrophobic and I want to get off! 

Si thinks it’s hilarious that I can’t stand up without holding onto something that’s nailed down, or walk straight, however I don’t find it remotely funny, it’s rather alarming! The damn boat is like a seesaw. 

I attempted to walk to breakfast but that was a non starter and ended up in Mildred, the seesaw effect was still massive but I could hold onto the armrests and know my girl won’t let me down.  We had our breakfast in the Windjammer, it was nice, and had a huge selection of nice things to choose from.  I had scrambled eggs and some fruit which was more than enough, but I could have had way more than that. It’s open all day so I don’t think I’m going to starve any time soon! Lingering over breakfast we were a good hour and half before we were out of there. 

After breakfast we had a rumble around and found a coffee place, so as there was nothing else to do we had a coffee. 

It’s very overcast today and the waves to my eyes are mahoosive, however Simon insists it’s like a millpond. I insist he’s delusional. It’s clearly NOT like a millpond. If it were I would be able to let go of Mildred’s arm rests! 

The next few days are going to be mostly food led because there isn’t anything in the ‘entertainment’ that appeals to either of us.  

Dinner was 1700hours and we were sat down ready and waiting. Our team of serving staff are so cute, and came to take our drink and food orders. There is a different menu every night and it has something for everyone. When it came out I was pleased that it wasn’t huge portion sizes but it was stingy either. The whole operation ran like clockwork, and within an hour we’d finished and were out the door. However, the couple next to us ordered two starters apiece, two mains and three deserts. I was a bit shocked that the crew didn’t bat an eyelid and just served it all up! 

After eating we went and did some reading and chilling out. 

Much Love

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