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30/04/24 Anthem of The Seas day 3

Breakfast ✔️

Lunch ✔️

Stupid boat rocking like a seesaw ✔️

Are we there yet??? 

As the sun came out I decided I would do some sunbathing, as I said there are loungers on the top two decks, and on deck 15 there is also a running track through the middle of the loungers. Si had no desire to sit in the sunshine and having been to the gym at 0600 hrs went off to top himself up with coffee. 

The loungers are actually tied to the boat with rope which is a small comfort, and best of all they have substantial grab rails on the sides of them to stop you falling off. Bonus. Whilst it was sunny it wasn’t particularly peaceful because the walking/ running track is in constant use. Around the deck are glass panels, Which keep the wind off you which is great so it has to be said I was warm and toasty. 

Si came back for me just before supper and wheeled me down to the restaurant. We have new table guests tonight. Although our table is for two, there is a small gap between the ones either side of us. To our right, were a Staten Island couple, Karen and Michael who were lovely company. The pair of them are very intelligent and excellent conversationalists. We’ll be sat next to them now for the duration of the trip, which is actually nice because they are such interesting people. We all had our supper and once again it was excellent, and brought out to us very quickly.  

After supper we went back to the shopping area and the cafe for a brew and I discovered they have hot chocolate. That made me most happy, and a nice chewy coconut cookie which was delicious. 

The stupid boat is still bouncing around like a cork, and it’s really starting to irritate me now. I’m not struck on this cruising lark, I feel it’s seriously overrated to be honest and won’t be going on another one. 

Sleep is proving difficult and I’m exhausted, I think I’m probably coming down from the high that we were on when we were travelling and that’s not helping the situation at all. Tonight I’m tucking the sheets in tight to see if that helps me sleep, if I feel I am strapped in perhaps I won’t feel I’m going to be shot off the bed. 

There was some good music downstairs which we listened to for a while, before turning in. 

Much Love


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