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19/12/2023 Colombo

Updated: Jan 3

We discussed doing some trips today, when we looked at the city tours, We'd already seen everything on our walks so passed that by. I really wanted to do the Colombo to Ella train trip but it's a9 hour train ride and even if you have a ticket, that doesn't guarantee you a seat. Standing on a step holding on for dear life doesn't really appeal . Also the toilets weren't the best and frankly I wasn't sure I wanted to put myself through it. I would have loved to have seen the Nine Arches Bridge, and travelled into the mountains, passing the tea plantations and through the National Parks. The bridge itself is a feat of engineering, being built out of stone alone and no supporting metal bars. I'm certainly returning to this country. It's beautiful and I love the people. There is much more to see and do. I think another week might do it. Also I would plan it differently, and be more fluid with the accommodation. Booking one or two nights on arrival and then winging it way more than this time.

A lot of the things like the plantations and the villages are a long way inland so we'd done as much as we could do without doubling back on ourselves.

Satisfaction in that we'd taken in as much as possible, and my body having reached its limit, We took another walk and I decided I needed my nails done. Tart. The Mall had a salon recommended by the Hotels travel advisor and I went in and came out with red and silver nails. It is Christmas!! Although it was a dip manicure and I wouldn't have one again. I have pretty nails for Christmas!

Whilst in there I was seated next to a girl from Bangladesh who had been on there most of the day. Her nails were so long they curled over and she was having different designs painted on each one. I have no idea how she was going to wipe her bum... The poor girl doing them was at breaking point! If I said Instagram Diva you would know what I meant! I can't remember the last time I saw so many eye rolls., which looked even funnier as they were being given over a mask, to protect the girl from nail dust I presume. The previous day the Instagram Diva had been to a Sri Lanken Buffett. She said that the food was fantastic and had entertainment as well. We thought we might try and locate it for supper. That was an epic fail on our part. Couldn't find it.

Nails done we wandered back to the hotel, along the side of the road on a large grass area were huge Christmas Bauble decorations. The one had a little man sat inside it keeping an eye on them, I'm guessing to prevent them being nicked. The potential job description of ball sitter required, must be prepared to guard balls at all times, in all weathers. Shade will provided in the form of Big Balls which you have to sit in.

Executive decision made on where we were going to eat dinner, and once again The Botanik Restaraunt was the eatery of choice, SUCH a good move! The food was outstanding and the whole evening passed without a spot of rain. hurrah, go us!

Another relatively quiet day, apologies! a good day nevertheless!

Much Love


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