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18/12/2023 Colombo

After torrential rain throughout the night waking up to brilliant sunshine was a delight!!

Si went for a walk and some breakfast and I caught up on some things. Well, one thing... sleep. Tireder than a tired thing!!

When he came back we went for a walk to Galle Park Green. Something of a happening place on the sea near the Port, and has a nose around the Mall. Only because it was a bit hot and we needed a cool down. Their Christmas display is impressive!!! Before you go in, there is a huge story book with decorations in front of it that you walk through to enter security checks. All bags are sent through a scanner and people are required to walk through an airport scanner and by swiped over with a wand. I have to say, It was reassuring that they took security so seriously. Stepping into the Mall was like walking into a grotto, there are 5 floors to it and in the middle is a Xheistmas tree that touches the ceiling it was bloody massive. Quite traditional decorations, with ballerinas, soilders, and jumbo presents. I love me a Christmas tree I do!

Apart from than the spectacular tree it was a mall much the same as any other. But it was a cool one!!

I was impressed with the 4th floor, it was a play area for kids, who we all know, absolutely love being dragged around shops for hours on end. I think they were accompanied but still a grand idea!

The Mall is attached to a huge hotel, and has some nice restaurants outside it, we went in a place called Chilllies, a bit Americanised but the food was something else! We only had light bites but were stuffed after the giant prawns in garlic butter and avocado, chilli and sun dried tomato wrapped in Filo pastry.

Making our way back to the hotel. We were approached once again by a random man. The turkey tried to persuade us the last day of this special event was on and we really shouldn't miss it. It was the same guy who Si had seen earlier on his walk but in a different shirt!! He clearly had no idea of Si's observation skills and thought he wouldn't realise.

Just behind the Hotel is a clock tower, not dissimilar to the one in usk although no pretty flowers around it. Just to the right of it is a palace that belongs to Sri Lanka ruler. Well I say belongs , I suspect he has it for the length of his rule and he's got a little flat in the middle of a residential area.

Sri Lanka, and Colombo in particular is a real mish mash of styles. This is due to the occupation of different ruling countries. Dutch, Portuguese and British. The business district where we are is quite modern in appearance with large tower buildings. Nestled in between them are the historical buildings that have been put to a new use and have managed to preserve the original feel of the place.

When we got back to the hotel we noticed that there is no 4th floor and there is not a 4 to be seen on the room numbers. Some googling told me that it's considered unlucky so the number isn't used in business particularly.

Having had a snack for lunch, we just had some starters from the hotel restaurant. Sounds a bit boring doesn't it! Sorry, can't have a disaster/ episode/ scape every day!!

Apologies for the lack of photos, The WiFi has been intermittent and the pictures proved too much for it! I'll add them in once we get to some strong WiFi, I'll probably remember some more things too, so will add them in as they pop into my tiny brain

Much love


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And if ya want to text me, you can text me on Instagram if ya have it, lolatom123


Jan 03

Hey, I have trying to text you through email but is not working. I'm the girl from the Turkish airport that ya helped. I'm so sorry that I didn't contact you earlier, And thank you so much for helping me, without ya I don't know what I would do

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