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18/01/24 Adelaide to Melbourne

You know all those best laid plans? They rarely work or how we expect them to! Our good nights sleep was disrupted by a drunken individual trying to attract the attention of someone because he wanted to be let in and had forgotten his key. Said mate must have been very deeply asleep or just ignoring him because he was out side hollering for what seemed like hours! Even with the door shut we could hear him yelling. So this morning we were both a little grouchy. Me a little more so than Si obviously!

It took just a few minutes for us to pack the last few things into the sturdy one, and get her loaded up. Quick check of the room to make sure we had everything and we were out the door. It was a bit overcast first thing, but by the time we left for the tram it had brightened up considerably and was rather toasty again. The hotel was only a 5 minute walk from the tram stop in Glenelg and as we arrived one pulled out, not sure how long we'd have to wait for the next one, we were pleasantly surprised when we were waiting less than 5 minutes. The stop doesn't issue paper tickets you have to get them on board. You can get a card if you use it regularly, but if you're a casual user you can pay with credit card.

Having all our kit with us, we were a bit laden down so needed to get off the tram as close as possible to the bus station so we could utilise the storage lockers there to dump the bags. As luck would have it, the driver, an English guy was super helpful and told us where we needed to get off the tram and gave us directions for the station as well. Journey time was pretty quick and o was amazed how busy the tram was. Bloody packed, and we were right chuffed to have got on there early to have a seat. Well I had my own seat anyway. Our stop was announced and we jostled our way through the throngs of people to get off. It just so happened to be next to a park that had a cycling event going on. Thankfully we needed to go in the opposite direction from there, there were waaaaay too many middle/old aged men wearing Lycra for my liking again!! Two days running was just too much for my eyes to cope with, i swear they were bleeding! Lycra is not a good look at all. On anyone!

Significantly warmer in Adelaide, I'm guessing because it was inland, and not on the coast we were both toasty warm again. Locating the bus station was simple enough and loading the bags into the locker was a piece of cake. With that weight off our minds we wandered off to hunt down two things. A rucksack, because the handle on my hand luggage is coming off and a brew. Who can think straight when they're thirsty??!!

The first task was a big fat fail, I'd seen a backpack in Perth and wanted it, unfortunately though I couldn't find it in Adelaide. The brew was much more of a success and we found a little Italian coffee shop that also served quiche and cheese and ham toasted. Winner! The refreshment was very nice and filled a gap. Our aim was to have an early tea and then get the bus 2015hours. We exhausted Adelaide centre, I particularly loved the brass pigs in the street, of which there were 4. (Pigs,not streets) Bob got in on the action as you would expect, strangely he wasn't keen on having a photo with the giant pigeon that was three times the size of me, if not more! Adelaide has lots of old buildings slotted in amongst the newer ones, but it really works, and somehow they live side by side in harmony. One in particular caught my eye, beehive corner. Loved it!!

Surprisingly the day passed very quickly, and at 1600 we started to look for somewhere to eat. A lot of places were closing up when we stumbled up on a lovey place called the Mylk Bar. When we went in it was pretty quiet and Si went to ask if they were serving food. Yes they were but not until 1700hrs. He explained to The lovely lady behind the bar, whose name was Carmen, that we had a bus to catch and were hoping to get a light snack before we caught it. She invited us to take a seat and wait till food was ready. Which is exactly what we did. It had a lovely tapas menu, and the place suddenly started to fill up, and people were putting orders in. Already spent time perusing the menu, what was to be consumed was decided. Unfortunately upon ordering the one choice wasn't on so carmen recommended the potato croquet. As she was in charge, it was a certainty that they were going to be good! Whilst the order was being rung through we got chatting and I picked up a card. I like to do reviews, what can I say?! Which led to her telling us that she welcomes positive feedback and that she takes it all personally. Having promised to do a review for her, we waited for our food. It was far more than I was anticipating, but oh my days, it was sublime!! By some miracle we got through it all.

Carmen returned and we continued chatting and she asked where we were headed. When we told her, she went and got her phone and gave us names of places to go. I've written them down and they are on our itinerary. The fish restaurant in particular looked and sounded fantastic. As the conversation went on and we were being given loads of information on places it came up that she had take. The trip with her son. He plays rugby in Rome and is in the a Italian squad. He's something like 6feet 10,proper giant of a boy, and formerly played for Zebre.

Just before we left , and as the place was closing she came over with a bag of pick and mix sweets for our trip. I love this woman! It's as if she knows me of old and my love of sweeties!!

The restaurant was only two streets over from the bus station, so we were there in no time. Our luggage was retrieved from the lockers and we had just 45 minutes wait for the bus. When I booked it, it seemed like a great idea, now I'm thinking not so much! I have a sneaky feeling it's will be a long 10 hours!

Boarding started shortly after the driver came and checked us in n his list. The seats recline quite a way so hopefully it won't be too bad. I think he said there are two scheduled stops so a leg stretch might not be a bad idea if my eyes are open. The bus is full, but there are 6 people without tickets who want to get on it. One woman in particular is exceedingly emotional, she just got out of hospital today and has nowhere to stay tonight if she can't get on the bus. There were lots of tears and wailing that a banshee would be proud of. I'm not sure if she got on or not as I didn't see her before I boarded, I'd only heard her. I hope she did manage to get on board. I know from experience how difficult it can be sometimes to get accommodations sorted at the last minute.

Much love


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