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14/01/24 Elizabeth Quay Perth

So Si went for a jog this morning before i even had my eyes open , we then spent the day sorting out some bits for next leg of the trip. With that done, we went for a walk over the river bridge in Elizabeth Quay. On a cancer council sign outside the pub it declared the uv index as level 12 and extreme. Even at 1000hrs it was burning and I had full protection sun block on. As Simons leg wasn't improving greatly we thought it best to see if we could locate a pharmacist to get some antibiotics over the counter. Unfortunately you can't do that here and have to see a dotor. The very camp young man in the pharmacy was ony qualified for jabbing people and dishing out prescriptions. All he could offer was antihistamine which we have or antiseptic cream which we also have.

We went back to the hotel to cool off and then went back out to the quay to watch he world go by. As we were sat having coffee, watching the little boats pull up, we saw one pull in with a colllie on board, it made us chuckle and reminded us of meg, Keith's dog. damn that dog gets about.

The boats get three hours free parking on the quay, which is much better than what we get for parking in Abergavenny. Ithink the excitement of the last 2 weeks has started to catch up with us, because we needed another cool down. Who even am I for gods sake?? What is this I need to cool down shit? I live for exteme heat!!

I may or may not have fallen asleep because when I checked my watch it was gone 1830 hours so we decided we'd have a bedroom picnic to finish up what was left from the van and then go out for a drink to watch the sun go down.

There is a bar on the corner, that serves thai food and provides live entertainment in the form of a singer and a guitarist. The guitar guy was really good, the singer absolutely murdered every song she sang. It was like nails down a blackboard. I am no professional singer but I'm pretty sure i wouldn't have ruined the songs to the extent that she did. It was painful to listen to and quite spoiled the ambience. It picked up when she had a break which says a lot, but aside from that she was an enormous distraction from the sunset which i did not appreciate one little bit.

Glad to leave the strangled cat to it, we thought we would try the hotels rooftop bar, only to find it's s shut on a Sunday night. bah humbug.

Arrangements have been made to catch up with Mamma Kay, Carey, Ray and Julie for some lunch on Monday. Unfortunately Carey is back in work, so she has booked the table to coincide with her lunch break which means we get to see her before we leave

much love


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