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13/12/23 Hikkaduwa

The rain lasted most of the night although it didn't deter the sleeping any! The Mosquito net served us well and the buggers didn't get a chomp off us! Ha . Smug or what?!

The forecast wasn't that great for this afternoon, so we decided a trip to the beach for a few hours would be a good plan. It's so close to where we are staying, just cross over the railway line through a little cutting cross the road and through another little cutting and there's the beach. I say a cutting, it was someone's eating establishment. The man asked us if we were looking for the beach and invited us to follow him. We duly followed him out to the back where his wife was dressing fish, and pointed to a little worn pathway in amongst the trees and undergrowth that would take us to the beach.

The beautiful golden sand stretches as far as the eye can see and there are some seriously good waves for surfing. There is also quite a strong undertow to be aware of. Sat in the sand, and watching the waves is one of the most relaxing things I think, totally mesmerising. The ocean is the warmest I have ever been in, and that makes me very happy!! As a result we spent a considerable amount of time in there. Just because it was bloody hot in the sand and it cooled us down very quickly. A few hours was enough, Si had gone for a walk and sampled the home made cake and tea shop and was suitably refreshed and cooled down too.

While he was away I was kept highly amused watching two young girls (I say young girls because compared to me they are. I'm guessing late teens early twenties) working their instagram poses on the beach. Their bums must have been really hungry because there was nothing left of their bikini bottoms. However, I digress. The one led down carefully in the damp sand, posed herself whilst her friend ran around her with her mobile phone, taking photos from every single angle possible. And then a huge wave snuck up on her. I can't remember seeing a girl leap up so fast. And I know it's wrong but oh it amused me. After that I thought they were done, but no, she had more plans. She waded into the sea, and had her friend follow her in with the phone to record her in the waves (I'm guessing) and began shrieking like a banshee. Now I'm a wimp when it comes to cold water, but I didn't so much as squeak when I went in, so I KNOW it wasn't that cold. To be perfectly frank the shrieking was a tiny bit irritating. I thought to myself, this has to be coming to an end soon. No sooner did the thought enter my head, the girl began directing her friend for the next pose. They were trying to recreate the hair flip in the water pose as she was coming out. After trying to get it right 6 times, she was readying herself to go in for take number 7. Checked the bikini top was adjusted to micro struck her pose and started with the flip. Just as a massive wave came in and took her out. I can only assume her friend was getting cheesed off with filming or taking photos, because if I could see what was about to happen she surely could. When the girl bobbed up, another wave crashed over her. That was me done. Dead. It's a good job where I was sat was deserted, because I would have been taken away in a straight jacket for sure had my cackles and snorts been overheard.

The girl finally came out of the water. Her hair like seaweed all over her face , a boob hanging out, and the best bit .... her friend was still filming. I wonder how long it took her to delete the images and videos she didn't like. It's the little things in life that amuse me the most. I think they had finally had enough because they gathered up their bags and went sashaying down the beach, on their merry way.

With them gone I was all out of entertainment and beginning to get a bit warm, when Si returned from his wander we went to the Home made Cake and Coffee shop for an iced coffee. Si had already sampled the wares and found it to be rather nice. When he was in there a couple rocked up on a scooter. The girl went in to the coffee shop and the lad sorted out the bike and, placing his crash helmet on the handle bars, joined the girl. As Si watched he noticed that the crash helmet was directly under an overflow that had how found itself with a vessel in which to drip. Being somewhat nicer than me, he told them, and the crash helmet was moved. Boring.

Somewhat refreshed by the drink, and getting bored of the American customer questioning the owner and staff on every coffee they made, we made for the apartment. I might add that it was still 35 degrees and not so much as a sniff of rain.

As we got back to the apartment we were greeted by Dimithua who was sweeping the floor outside and Newton. We asked for recommendations of things to see and places to go. So tomorrow at 0900hrs we are piling into a tuk tuk and going on an adventure. Newtons friend has a Tuktuk and will be our driver for the day, Newton is coming too and he is our guide. Tomorrow evening PushPa is cooking for us and I am really looking forward to it. I love it here, the pace is my pace (relaxed) and everyone is so nice and cannot do enough to help you.

Our day planned and supper ordered, a freshen up before heading out to Mambos for live music and food was on the agenda.

We have two showers, one electric one and one non electric. The non electric is just the perfect temp, so there is no need for us to use the electric one. Before leaving we covered ourselves in the jungle formula mosquito repellent, because a big fat one had come and had a chew on my foot when we were talking with Newton. It's now dead but not before it had a nibble.

Mambos is right on the beach, with a palm leaf roof, wicker lampshades of all shapes and sizes and sturdy solid wood tables and cushioned chairs. The staff were everywhere, and as efficient as a small army. I loved that the kitchen was it glass fronted, and we could see the food being prepped and cooked if we wanted to.

Once again the portion sizes were mahoosive and our mains came out before our starters. No biggie, we just ate in the order it came out of the kitchen in. My prawns were top notch, served on a bed of greens. The soup was a surprise, I was expecting a small bowl, but out came a serving bowl!! Full of massive prawns ginger, lemongrass and all in a delicious juice. Of which I have no idea of the name. Damn good though!

The singer was good, we listened to two sets and made a move as tomorrows adventures were calling!

Much love


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