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13/03/24 Newmarket,Auckland

A quiet sort of a day today, preparing mentally and physically for 4 weeks in a little camper.  We went to the leisure centre cafe for some brunch, and on the way there saw a cat cafe. It was full of cats and cat toys and people drinking tea. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. There were cats on laps, cats on cat climbing frames, cats on branches, cats on chairs, cats on tables, cats on sofas. Cats everywhere!  The leisure centre cafe was really good and the menu substantial, they had bubble and squeak much to Si’s delight and when it came it was massive!  Also, not a cat in sight!!!

After eating we explored Newmarket and called into the bottle shop for wine and nibbles to take tonight as we were eating at Morg and Liv’s.  We got back to the hotel and packed the bags ready for the morning, and then had a message off Morg saying he’d sent an Uber for us as he’d not been home long and was cooking supper. The Uber turned up, and off we went, as we were sat in the traffic, we could see Liv power walking up the pavement, and she got to the flat befoe we did. The traffic is pretty heavy in the city and outskirts, as the public transport is so unreliable. It’s so bad that employers don’t trust it to get their staff to work on time and stipulate that you must have own vehicle when advertising jobs. Morg and Liv had to buy a car because no one would employ Morg without one. Liv was lucky in that the train, which is more reliable than the buses stops right by her work. 

The flat is really nice, very light and airy, massive windows that show off a nice sunset, close to the motorway this giving great access for any direction Morgi's work takes him. It’s a shared flat with the flat owner, and it seems to work really well for them all.  People take in flat shares because it’s a way to increase their mortgages. Otherwise it’s hard to get on the housing ladder because the prices are ridiculous. It suits them all at the moment so hopefully it will be a long standing arrangement for as long as they want it.  

Morg excelled himself and prepared a fantastic supper, steak on bed of mash with green beans starter, chicken curry rice and nan breads, finishing up with rhubarb and apple crumble and custard. He’d also bought ciders, beers and soft drinks. So much trouble bless him and it tasted bloody fab!  We stayed until around 2100 before Morg drove us back to the hotel. It’s Easter long weekend at the end of the month and we will be back on the north Osland so we have a loose plan to meet up for the weekend and explore together, which I’m really looking forward to.  Liv and I are in charge of arrangements so will consult over the next week or so. 

Much love

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