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08/01/21 Valley Of The Giants

Waking up in this little piece of paradise is just perfect. The sun shining through the windows, The birds calling to each other in the trees, and the sound of the leaves rustling in the light breeze. Can life be any better I ask myself. Our plan today was a bit of recovery day.

To start the day off right we visited Peaceful Bay. And it was gorgeous. A convenient parking lot and 4x4 are allowed on the beach. Its a long curved beach and plenty of room to find some peace and quiet. Being the school holidays it was quite busy. And there is also a camp ground there which was full too. The water crystal clear and lots of people out on boats fishing. It's suitable for swimming and Chris from the campsite swims there every morning early, before it gets busy. A dip of my toe revealed it to be far too chilly for moi. Bob positively recoiled in horror, although he was content to sit on the rock watching the sea. He and I are on the same bus, sit us on a beach or a rock and leave us for the day and we'll be perfectly happy just watching the waves roll in. There are quite a few rocks about just off the beach, and the tide has quite a rip. My logic being, I could see the bottom so I'm ok, would have seen me in the water had it been warmer or I had a wetsuit.

Peaceful Bay

Alongside the 4x4's and their boat trailers was a little blue Fordson Major tractor. I think it was really kind to take it on a beach holiday. Although I think it had been out in the sun too long with out sun block and a hat by the colour of it!

The lucky Fordson Major that got taken to the beach

As more and more vehicles were turning up, we jumped into the camper and drove the short distance to Nornalup. It was all closed up besides the public toilets which were very clean. After a walk around we got back on the road and drove to Walpole. What a pretty little place, we drove down to the inlet which had a jetty out onto the clear water. It's obviously a good fishing spot as there is a metre length fish size guide on the rail with a massive variety of fish on it. Also the bay attracts stingrays. We love us a stingray but none about the end of the jetty, there was a sign that had hit the floor... snakes warning signs.

There were two gulls strutting up the jetty, with serious attitude, the wind was ruffling their feathers in all directions, but the strut was hilarious. As we were going back to the camper a lady rocked up in a truck and started eating a pie. I think she was secret eating the way she was shovelling it on her mush trying to hide it with a paper bag and her hands. Whatever, for some reason it made us giggle. We left the car park and drove up the hill to the road. See travelled back along it there were lots of pretty guest houses, my favourite named one Trolls Bridge with a. Painted troll on the sign peering out from under the bridge. I was transported right back to the three billy goats gruff trip trapping over the bridge!!

In the town there was a restaurant called the Philippine Magic cafe that was recommended to us by Chris and Maria, and after a stroll down the street we went for a leisurely lunch. Leisurely because they had wifi and I needed to do stuff. Also leisurely because the food when it came was a massive portion, vegetable Thai green curry. So much so I failed to finish it all and asked for a box to take it home with us. That's lunch tomorrow sorted!!

After lunch we went back to the camp site chilled out, made plans for the next leg of the adventure. We may have drunk wine and eaten cheese too...

The campsite filled up late afternoon which was good to see, it still didn't feel crowded, but there were now kids there. Rude. After a light snack we were playing cards and Chris came by with some homemade gelato, Mont chocolate chip no less! It was more mint chocolate chunk but you didn't hear me complaining about that. His plan is to sell it and is currently going through all the licenses required for him to do so. He has bought a van and needs to do a bit of work on it, but he's testing his ice cream /gelato on some of the visitors. I'd come back just for the ice cream!

Much love


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