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25/12/23 Himmafushi

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! Hope you've had a fabulous day.

So we got up, unwrapped our mountain of presents, and Christmas Stockings. We were obviously on the nice list because Santa found us!! Then cracked open a large bottle of sherry , and devoured chocolate oranges before starting the Christmas lunch. ..

Oh wait .... that was last year!! Silly me!

What actually happened was we got up went for our breakfast, which coincidentally turned out to be waffles, chocolate sauce, oranges and apples. I mean there's a chocolate orange right there, and everybody gets an apple in their stocking don't they? I mean, Could Christmas get any better???

Traditional chocolate orange Christmas morning breakfast

Oh hell yes! A gentle stroll to the beach, a dip in the sea which was bath water temperature, cheeky bit of sunbathing and then Christmas lunch in The fun Place Cafe. Due to the distinct lack of sherry we toasted with ginger chai latte, perfection. And a merry Christmas to you all....

Christmas Lunch

Whilst having our lunch, an enormous fruit bat landed in the palm tree, it was bigger than a crow, with an extremely long tongue. He utilised said tongue to lick the palm leaves, something we watched for quite some time.

After lunch we had another beach session and did some festive stuff and family FaceTime.

Festive stuff

After all the excitement of the day, and the hot roasty temperatures we needed a cool off in the room and the traditional Christmas afternoon snooze. No chocolates or shortbread just water and air con. Result. Once we'd snoozed for a bit, we took another stroll down to the cafe by the jetty for our Christmas Pudding and a nice glass of lemon juice. A lovely moon was shining down on us brightly and the palm trees were rustling in the warm breeze.

Full as an egg, and nothing to watch on the TV because we don't have one which suits us fine, we retired for the night. What a lovely Christmas we've had. Here's hoping you have all had a fabulous one too.

Much Love


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