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15/12/23 Hikkaduwa

Following a hectic non stop day yesterday, we elected to have a planning day. The now favourite Cake and coffee shop was calling and we decided since the forecast wasn't that great, we would stay there a while. The next lot of planning done, and the rain returned. In style. So we had another cup of coffee, sorted the world out and waited for it to stop. It didn't stop so we sampled Ceylon butterfly pea tea. A gorgeous amethyst colour and a lovely taste. Rain still continued and we thought we'd have some early tea, and head back for a relatively early night, in readiness for a long day the following day.

We have changed our plans a bit, and instead of staying 3 more days in Hikkaduwa, have decided to go to Colombo, and do some stuff around the city. Hikkaduwa is lovely, it is also full of Russians. We were aware of this before we arrived. We were given the heads up on the train. A bit late then to do anything about it! They are fine, just seem to love the cheap beer, it's a bit like Benidorm for Russians.

Friends Indeed is just down from the cake shop, so we went in there for some supper before going back to the apartment. As it was quite early, we had the place to ourselves. We were offered a table on the front or a 'romantic' table inside. Si's face was a picture when I opted for the romantic one! Two unsweetened lime juice and sodas ordered for starters, seriously refreshing after all the coffee we'd drunk during the day. Food ordered and served up in double quick time. While we were finishing our drinks, one of the staff went around the restaurant with a long handled pan that had a fire in smoking away merrily. He was throwing scented stuff on it and wafting it under every table in the joint. My first thought that it was for mosquitoes, although we already had incense sticks burning for them. In fact it was for luck and prosperity. When the smoke cleared, we were able to see enough of the room to ask for the bill. That came quickly, service charge included and just as we came to the end of our drinks the power went out, not just in the restaurant but up the whole street.

With nothing working our only option was to return to the apartment. well that's not actually true , we could have stayed in the bar and got shit faced but neither of us fancied that. On our arrival back at the apartment, we were greeted by Newton holding a lamp, the power was out there too. I'm guessing it's a regular occurrence, because the apartment has a rechargeable torch on one of the shelves which was rather handy.

An hour or so later the power came back on, and normality resumed throughout Hikkaduwa!

As days go it was exceedingly dull, although we did sample a few different teas so it wasn't all boring. Some loose plans made for the next few days and accommodation changed for the Maldives. So with that boring little update I bid you farewell until tomorrow.

Much love


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