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12/03/24 Newmarket, Auckland

Aside from the bed being a bit in the soft side we didn’t sleep too badly. Si was up and about before me and walked down into Newmarket looking for a coffee shop. When he came back to the hotel he’d found one, and he’d also found a watch shop selling shock watches in a sale. As a thieving bottom feeder had lifted his watch in Fiji, he was watchless. My Baby G is no longer waterproof due to the age of it and the seals have perished. It’s had a new battery, still works perfectly just isn’t waterproof. He wanted to buy me a new one. ... so he could have mine

Loading into Mildred, and going outside, it wasn’t cold, but it was drizzling however, we were still in shorts and intend to be for some time yet!  A bit of warm rain is not going to see me running for long trousers. The fact that I don’t have any long trousers is utterly irrelevant.  We popped into the watch shop he’d found, it was more a repair shop than sales.

Although there were plenty of watches in his sale, they were all black. I’m not really a black watch girl to be honest, but it was worth a look. The owner was really helpful bless him, but he didn’t have what I was after.  The cafe Si had a brew in earlier was down a little side street just on from the watch shop and as we turned down the street the heavens opened and the rain really started to come down so Si put a bit of a spurt on and we were barrelling through the door sliding to a halt at the first empty table within seconds. The cafe was nice, but in the space of two minutes we’d been asked 3 times if we were ready to place drinks orders. Too keen , I don’t even know my own name half the time, so deciding what I want to drink within 2 minutes of entering the cafe is a total non Starter.  Si was feeling a but peckish so we had a massive chicken spinach and pastrami wrap, and a pork apricot fennel sausage roll between us and a pot of tea!  For me!  It was nice, and the sausage roll in particular, although it was a bit unusual it tased pretty good. 

When we’d finished the feeding frenzy, we went on a shoe hunt my flip flops, much as I love them aren’t appropriate for the current conditions. I need daps!  I want Pink ones! So every sports shop and shoe shop in the vicinity were visited. A flicker of excitement occurred in Bivowac when I spied a pair of flo pink and navy trainers… they were too small. The devastation was real! All potential shoe store’s exhausted we were in need of liquid refreshment and found a nice little tea shop in the mall. Windows overlooked the street outside giving us a Birds Eye view of the going’s on outside. They also served cake and cookies, big cookies.  After draining the teapot, we made a move , got the lift down to the ground floor and off we went. Getting as far as the door we skidded to a halt. Wet stuff was falling from the sky and bouncing back up off the pavements to hit people under their chins. Well I’ve got too many chins for that so we ducked into a random shop and there, smiling at me from a shelf were the brightest, chunkiest glow in the dark pink trainers. My little eyes went all googly and popped out on stalks in delight. Tried a pair on, and like Cinderellas glass slipper, they were a perfect fit. Better yet they weren’t £150!  Clutching them tightly in my hot little hands so no one could rip them away from me we paid for them, and went to the door. The wet stuff had stopped so back to the hotel we went. 

Morg and Liv picked us up from the hotel and took us to St Helier which is where Morg is working at the moment. It’s a really pretty little place with a long flat front frequented by runners, a nice beach and views of Auckland Bridge. As the sun had reappeared it was a lovely evening and we rumbled along trying to choose from the many eateries that lined the pavement. Morg had seen something being served in a place called Annabelle that he really liked the look of during the week so we had a look at their menu which looked seriously good, not wanting to make a decision too early we proceeded to check out the rest of the establishments on the front…. Before going back to Annabelles. It was a good choice, semi open fronted, it looked out over the ocean, and the number of people who were in there considering it wasn’t a massive place was a good sign. 

Menu wasn’t massive but had plenty of choice, so we ordered drinks and set about trying to decide! Si had what looked like a bucket of beer, it was so big it needed two hands to lift it! Comedy gold!  We managed to make a decision on what to eat and oh boy, when it came we were not disappointed. Sea food chowders, roast veg salads fish cakes filled the table, and the fact that we all lapsed into silence tells you how good it was!  Once we’d finished eating, we went and watched the sunset from the beach as there were benches dotted around for everyone to sit on. The sunset was ok, but being a bit hazy it wasn’t as colourful as it could have been. 

From St Helier they took us on a little road trip around the coast, past mission beach and through the outskirts of the Auckland which was great, pointing out interesting things along the way like locals!  They dropped us off at the hotel and went home.  A lovely day, perfect evening, and I’ve got pink sappers. We are simply living our best lives!  

Much love

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