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10/03/24 Tokatoka Fiji

Despite heavy rain in and off through the night, this morning was dry and we didn’t have to dodge the drips to get to the restaurant. Breakfast was impressive, and as it was described as being continental, I wasn’t expecting quite so much food to be on offer!  Fruit, cereals, pastries, toast, eggs, beans, sweet biscuits, cheese biscuits, the little ritz ones (I bloody love them!) dates, nuts, and as much as you liked.  

We located the gym which Si used for an hour or so and the spa which had some really good offers, but we didn’t bother with anything. The laundry was all padlocked shut, and after asking at reception, we found that the staff did it for you, you couldn’t throw in a load yourself.. We only had 2 loads to go in but to get it all dried as well would have been silly money.  We decided to wait til we get to New Zealand and ask Morgi to do it for us!

We’ve been a bit in limbo all day, and in hindsight maybe an extra day in Serenity would have been a better plan. The hotel is ok as a stop off as its just  400 metres from the airport, but it’s not really a holiday resort.  

Early night in order as we’ve a 0400hours start for the next leg of the trip.  

Much love


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