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10/02/24 Surfers Paradise

Updated: Feb 13

Ugh, raining again! But is all good because we have a few things we need to do. First off , sit on the balcony, in the rain and have our morning brewski. Luckily there is an overhang on the balcony above so it protects us from the rain. As I said before it's warm rain so no big deal. I went to refill our mugs and while I was indoors Si was joined by some VERY pretty birds ... of the feathered variety!. Three stunning, vibrantly coloured parrots were perched on the balcony railing. The noise they made was something else, noisy buggers and they were soaking wet from the rain. We'd seen them nesting in the trees opposite, and heard them frequently. To have them sat on the balcony however was something else. They paid little to no attention to us, and seemed to be just taking a break from the rain. They kept us entertained for quite some time before zooming off down the street chasing each other. Bloody fab experience. Who needs sunshine when Mother Nature sends you beauty in that form.

I had to visit the Dr today, nothing serious just needed to get my prescription filled. The Post Office

back home refused to send my meds via post which was rather rude in my opinion, and as such I was directed to a medical centre. We have found two up here and they open on Saturday's which I find to be rather splendid! Obviously, I could have gone in on any given day, but the novelty of a Dr surgery being open on a Saturday was just too much for me to pass on. I dropped into the one just around the corner from the apartment and it was packed to the rafters, apparently it was quiet in comparison to week days! Who would have thunk it? The receptionist, who appeared to have had rather a lot of cosmetic surgery, particularly in the lip area (quack quack) was very helpful and had the cheek to smile (sort of) as she fleeced me for $195 for me to see a Doctor, and register at the practice. Apart from being sat in a room of germ ridden individuals, coughing and spluttering all over the place and having to pay for the privilege of seeing a Doctor, it wasn't such a bad experience on the whole. Well it was going ok untill some old dear with random hair and spectacles (think me in about another 20 years) jumped up and went into the Doctor when he called MY name! I was more pissed off with the fact that I'd been sat there waiting for over an hour and she just waltzed right in ahead of me, after walking in through the door not five minutes earlier. If I get germs now I'm going to be mightily unimpressed. That extra waiting time will have done it for sure!!

When she finally strolled out, without so much as a sniff of an apology for jumping the que, she waltzed off down to the back of the surgery with the Dr. The receptionist came over and apologised and shooed me into the Doctors room to wait for his return. Just making sure no other bugger got In in front of me which I appreciated. The Dr returned and apologised as well and had a somewhat rueful smile on his face accompanied by a raised eyebrow. When I explained what I wanted, he did a BP check and temperature along side one of those finger things that gives your blood oxygen levels. All good although he did think my BP was a bit on the low side. By my standards it was actually pretty high, I didn't feel it prudent to mention that little titbit to him. He asked how much longer we were travelling, and very kindly wrote out a script for 3 months, after checking the script twice and questioning the dosage on one of the meds. Despite that he was more than happy to sign them off for me. Damn decent of him I thought. Although there was a chemist in the surgery, I decided they'd made enough money out of me so went to another pharmacy to get the script filled. I was pleasantly surprised when the bill for the meds was only $25! I was expecting to have to take out a massive bank loan to pay for them. While we were in there we topped up on paracetamol, eye drops for contact lenses and deep heat, you know, all the necessities! Note to self, don't get the eye drops and deep heat the wrong way around...

Just next door to the pharmacy was the supermarket so we trundled in and got some supplies to keep us going for a few days. I love how cheap the avocados are here, and soooo tasty! There was a large selection of pick and mix too, not just the sweeties or lollies, but also an array of nuts, dried fruits, and spiced nibbles. I resisted them all, yay go me, the hero with magnificent will power. We've eaten loads of fish so far on our picnics, and for a change we picked up a ready cooked chicken to go with the salad bits we had put in the basket. It smelt so good, and the aroma made my stomach grumble excessively. We didn't get too much as we had no desire to repeat our previous mistake of buying too much. Having food left over requires us to cram it all in our faces instead of wasting it at the end of that particular trip. My face cramming wasn't really up to par so we decided on caution with the food shop. I feel I'm growing as a person in being able to judge when there is too much food for two people to eat. (Pats self on the back)

With me loaded up with food and drugs we rumbled

back to the apartment via the beach, as it had dried up and was now just overcast. The beach was comparatively empty, but there were still a few people in the ocean doing their thing. Slightly ravenous, we decided to eat before the chicken got cold, and the salad got warm. I say eat, we were both starving and inhaled the food no sooner than it hit the plates. Delightful image I know sorry!

Time is certainly flying by, and I can't believe that we are almost halfway through our adventure. On the whole it's been outstanding, aside from the huge number of campervan issues which Si is still addressing with the company. I suspect that another couple wouldn't have had quite the determination to pursue the issues as we have, but I feel that is probably down to our former law enforcement career! Si has been polite and courteous, with just a smidge of his own particular brand of sarcasm thrown in for good measure on occasion. The correspondence he has recieved in response from customer services, to give them full credit, has mostly been in a similar vein but without the sarcasm.

The forecast for tomorrow is good so we are looking forward to some beach time and 'swimming' . Si may swim, I on the other hand most definitely will not. From past experience on these very shores I know I won't be swimming. I'll be the one trying desperately not to drown or get washed out miles away from shore, over the shark nets,( if indeed they're still there) by the savage undertow that Surfers Paradise has, and eaten for breakfast by a large shark.

Much love


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