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09/03/24 Serenity Island to Tokatoka Fiji

Ugh our last morning in this beautiful little piece of paradise, and it has to be said I could happily stay another month or six. The peace, tranquility and sheer beauty of the Island is what I can only describe as food for the soul. It is so well named!  Breakfast was a big one to keep us going till much later, and we lingered over it. As we heaved ourselves out of the chairs, Serena came and wished us a nice day. We said it was our last and she gave us a lovely hug.  Such a gentle and genuinely lovely lady. 

Before going f back to the Bure we had a look to see what was going on activity wise on the board. Only a village tour, shopping and a super rugby game. Fiji Drua against the Crusaders.  We contemplated going, but unfortunately, with the time our boat was taking us to the main land the times were all wrong for us. We were gutted, we wouldn’t have even made it in time to the game from the mainland.  With nothing more to be gained from standing around we trundled slowly back.  

We’d not been back 10 minutes and we heard the now familiar this of coconuts hitting the sand.  The boys were getting refreshments for later, this time instead of going up the tree they used a long stick which was extremely effective.  There were coconuts flying in all directions, bouncing off the hammock, the lounger, so we kept our heads down, well it was more out of the way of flying coconuts until the coast was clear.  A huge smash signalled the end of the little table. One of the coconuts had taken it out like a World War Two bomber on a mission.  

By 1100hrs we were in reception waiting for our boat to take us to the mainland.  Danny was there, and was a bit gutted we think, becasue he’d missed out on the rugby game, Mr T had pulled rank on him. Everyone who went wanted him to go, offered to pay for his ticket, and bus etc but he had to stay on The island.  He made a good job of hiding his disappointment but it was written on his little face. As he works, you can see he actually loves what he does, he loves people and he is like a busy little bee always doing something. As he’s only 19, that kind of enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment of what he does was great to see.  He’s also very very funny, and could make a fortune on the stage.  I think every mamma on that Island had the same opinion of him, and that was he is an absolute treasure they could have happily taken home with them! From a selfish point of view, we were glad he hadn’t gone as we wouldn’t have got to say goodbye to him. 

The transfer boat came in for us, and they put our bags on board while we had photos taken with the staff, everyone who leaves has a photo taken by the staff which I think is a  fab thing.  The lovely Grace from reception was giving out free hugs so we stepped in for some of that, and so with Photos and hugs all done it was sadly time to go. As we pulled away they were singing, playing the guitar and waving. A few of the staff were going on days off, and were on board too.  We swapped onto the big boat and we were off on the half hour trip to the mainland. As some thieving toerag had knicked all our cash, we had none to leave as a tip and I felt really bad about it. I had to make do with a Thankyou email and little individual notes on the back of the business cards. Not quite the same. 

Weirdly we lost one of the staff members who got on with us, we guess she had stayed behind in the end but we hadn’t noticed her get off. It was a bit bizarre! We arrived at Denarau Port, and were helped off the boat, as we rumbled along the jetty, the boys on board waved until they were out of sight. Before heading to the next hotel, I had a few things to get and quickly got them sorted before hunting down a taxi.  As we were heading into the shopping area in Denarau, we saw Oona who checked us in on our first day, and our sweet little house keeper. They made a point of coming over, thanking us for visiting their Island, giving us hugs and wishing us well.  I genuinely hope we see them again, the Fijian people made Serenity Island so wonderful. After experiencing their hospitality, we can see that the Club Fiji resort had a totally different vibe to it, whilst the staff were, in the main, very nice with exception of the pond life of course.  (There’s always one bad egg though right?) They were nowhere near as personable, happy, or willing to go the extra mile as the beautiful souls we had the pleasure to visit with on Serenity.  They feel like family and it feels like home. Vinaka 

$50 Fijian and half hour later we pulled up outside Tokatoka resort, 400 metres from the airport. It’s nothing like the Island, the staff are lovely and all have a ready smile, but it’s loud, and peopley. Ugh. When we arrived, there was a man who was watching the Fiji Drua game on his phone. At the time they were trailing the Crusaders by three. As luck would have it we didn’t have to wait long for our room, and once we were in, switched on the TV and it was already on the right channel.  So we settled in to watch the rest of the game with a mug of tea. We are SO rock and roll! When it was over, with The Drua winning to the delight of their fans we had a little wander around. The resort is quite big, and the accommodation is either self catering units or room only. Very Nicely done out, all facilities we need, clean and  includes a gym for Si. Result.  The pool is quite big, irregular shaped and has a slide …. For kids of all ages! 

There is a poolside bar and restaurant which Si visited whilst I was stretching out.  Breakfast is included but everything else is extra. We opted for some food and it was pretty good, cooked just off the restaurant and piping hot. The menu had something for everyone, filled a gap and kept the worms quiet as auntie Evelyn would say! While we were eating we were visited by torrential rain. Warm rain but rain nevertheless! Rude! We waited til it eased off a bit before making a move back to the room. That was an hour or so later, it didn’t stop at all, but I think we managed to dodge the drips. There is WiFi but it’s only for one device. We’ve managed to hotspot off Simons phone, it’s not the fastest, but it works and as long as we can check in and complete the customs forms for New Zealand we are all good! As I bought some wooden items I have to fill out the declarations to take them into NZ. The store wrapped them and provided the required receipts that stated it was all cleared for export, so we should be able to take them in! 

We are only here two nights and wanted to be near the airport because we need to be there at 0500hrs. The thought of getting a boat then a taxi held little to no appeal whatsoever! Also Fiji time is a very real thing, and we had no desire to be making our onward flight by the skin of our teeth! We have checked what temperature we’d be going into, and North Island is going to be a bit cooler than what we’ve become accustomed to, and let’s just say my knees are going to be freezing in the South Island!! There is a distinct possibility I’m going to have to wear long trousers!!! What the actual fresh hell is this! I’m also going to need a pair of shoes because I really don’t think my only pair of flip flops are going to cut the mustard. First world problems for sure.  We’ll see how it goes, if I need a hot water bottle then I will be purchasing one! Oh, and a fluffy onesie incase I get cold at night on the camper!  


Much love

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