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09/02/24 Surfers Paradise

My desire to sit on the balcony, looking out over the ocean whilst eating an incredibly healthy breakfast, was halted somewhat by the inconsideration of the weather. From the beautiful blue skies of yesterday, today was quite the contrast. Grey skies, violent waves and torrential rain. Bah humbug. The view in all honesty is spectacular come rain or shine, I just prefer it to be sunny. Although we did sit in the balcony eating outside wasn't an option, the food wouldn't have dried like skin does!

Si went out for a run and then a swim in the ocean. Before he went I told him he had to swim between the flags and nowhere else. The rip is savage along Surfers and the lifeguards check the beach each morning to find the safest spot for swimmers and put flags up accordingly. The water was a warm 24 degrees, and early morning the beach was quite quiet. Just runners and dog walkers up and about before the rest of the world started their day.

Bob was looking a bit green around his neck and under his arms. We couldn't work out why, he looked like he'd been wearing a copper necklace. We eventually worked out that it was the dye from Simon's shorts pocket that was running off on him. So Bob had a spa day. He was soaked, scrubbed covered in bubbles then went in the pool. (The washing machine to you and I) he came out a bit cleaner, but more rubbing and scrubbing was required and he was once more up to his neck in bubbles in the sink. Everyone washes their kids in the sink don't they. Once we'd decided he was about as clean as we were going to get him, we decided to give him another swim and this time he came out much cleaner. Obviously he was now in need of a blow dry so we threw him in the tumble dryer. We watched him through the glass door, and the amount of acrobatics he was doing I think it's safe to say he really enjoyed it. When he was done we got him out and gave him a good brush down with the complimentary toothbrush to try and fluff him up a bit. It kinda worked. A bit. All this while Kev was looking smugly on. Although he has nothing to be smug about. He's lost his nose and looks like the rescue that he is. I do have his nose but it needs sticking back on.

The rain stopped for a while so we went to Pacific Fair Mall for a few hours. It's the biggest Mall ever, over 400 shops. I specifically wanted a carry on backpack because my bag has given up the ghost. The handles are hanging on by a thread. I failed to find one and was most disgruntled by that fact. We had a nice rumble around and saw some nice looking things, that I just rolled on by. Sturdy one issues, and the small detail of it being full already. I did purchase some board shorts and religiously swapped out a pair of old ones from the depths of the Sturdy one to make room for them on our return.

Public transport is brilliant in Surfers, the Tram is a tap on tap off variety and you can do it with your debit or credit card. It stops outside Pacific Fair Mall and just at the bottom of the road the apartment is on. Very handy and extremely accessible. By the time we came to leave the Mall, the rain had started again and this time it was pretty torrential. The roll from the station we got off at, cavill street, was damp I think you could say. We went into the Precinct on Cavill street mainly to get in the dry until it eased off a bit. This didn't happen anytime soon and if anything it rained even harder. Rather than roll around aimlessly we decided to do something productive and get something to eat. Always a good plan. The eatery we chose was lovely, the food excellent. In particular, Simon's starter of bread and dips. Best ever! The mains were of the same standard, fish cooked to perfection with seasonal vegetables. There was a new waiter starting, and he was shadowing what we took to be an old hand. The new guy was very much a pretty individual, blonde, deeply tanned and very good looking and was an instant hit with a gaggle of little Asian girls, and their mothers! The girls were running up to him asking for selfies, which all went on for a good few minutes. I think he was starting to get a bit embarrassed because he was the centre of the attention, but to give him credit he stood there and smiled his perfect smile. Every time he walked past their table they'd giggle and take more pics of him. I was getting some seriously creepy stalker vibes off them all, and started to feel sorry for the poor guy! The one mother in particular was also really rude to the other staff.

We hung it out as long as we possibly could but finally had to leave the restaurant because it was getting really busy and they looked like they needed the table. It was still raining but had definitely eased off so we headed back towards the apartment via the beach path. As we aren't far from the main hub of Surfers it wasn't long before we were back inside, sat on the sofa watching the waves lash the shore line through the floor to ceiling windows.

Bob and Kev were still in bed, Bob appeared exhausted after his pamper session. We parked Mildred in their room which is now known as 'the boys room' if it comes up in any conversation.

A pretty chilled out relaxing day, that despite the rain was still rather good. I am however beginning to think we are rain magnets, as it seems to be following us. Warm rain is ok though, I can cope with that! Another early night, going to bed when it's dark is what we seem to be doing at the moment, and waking when the sun gets up. Well I say waking, what I mean is my eyes are half open and I am in the process of waking. These things take time and you can't rush perfection!

The apartment is very comfortable, and spacious, I think it would be a bit crowded with 4 adults despite being a two bedroom. Location is excellent, cleanliness very good, it's a bit tired looking in some places, like the landing outside the apartment, but inside it's in good repair and a more than adequate home from home for a while. I'd definitely recommend it and think it's very good value for money. So far so good.

Much love


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