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08/03/24 Serenity Island Fiji

Our last full day on Serenity Island, it’s been overcast, but the UV has been extreme. We sat out in it purely because it was our last day and we wanted to make the most of it. I say we, I lay out in it, and Si kicked the arse out of the hammock. That was after he spent an hour sat on the rocks digging for treasure in the sand. No gold found its way onto his little mitts, but he did find some lovely shells and coral pieces. Unlike me, who is a self confessed magpie for things like shells and coral he just left them lying on the beach. I pick them up, wash them and frequently stop and gaze at them lovingly. That’s cos I’m a bit sad, and I don’t even care!  

It felt a little cooler as it was overcast, so it was a surprise to find out it was 39 in the shade. We stuck it out like the brave little soldiers we are right up until it was time for tea and cookies. After Si’s faux pas yesterday we were there ready and waiting for the treats to come out. As it was we needn’t have worried, the majority of the guests had either gone out fishing or were quietly melting in a corner somewhere. There were therefore plenty of cookies around …. We thought. We hadn’t taken into consideration, some hungry staff! The yummy little donuts they bought out to us lasted less than 5 minutes! On the positive side it’s good for my waistline! We had a few cups of tea, and then we noticed that the resorts little wooden jetty was just poking up just through the waves, and had enough water under it that it was starting to bob. The tide was coming in and I remembered that the sun longer I had been lying on was  quite close to the water when we left it, and if we didn’t get a wriggle on it would be in the same position as the jetty. Trotting back to the Bure, the waves were just splashing around its stubby little front legs. Si dragged it back up to beneath the palms to safety. 

We decided to pack up the Sturdy one, we could have done it in the morning but, who wants to be doing that on the last day?  The belongings are getting less so it didn’t take long at all, and I went exploring along the beach.  A swim would have been lush, but our costumes wouldn’t have dried in time. There were some lovely chunks of coral, and a huge tree stump that had been washed in during one of the cyclones, that I’d been meaning to get a photo of since our arrival. The tide was washing over my feet and was lovely and cool. Appreciative of it I went a little further in and it was just above my ankles. My way got blocked by a big old chunk of lava rock, and I dropped down around it, into a bit of sand and deeper water. It went horribly wrong from then on.  As I moved off, my flop flip stayed in the sand and I walked out of it. That wasn’t such a big problem, they float pretty well so I just needed to grab it. Hurrumph that was easier said than done, my balance not being one of my greatest assets, let me down and the damn thing floated out of my reach. If I hadn’t had my phone and my fan in my hand it wouldn’t have mattered, I could have lunged after it. So I decided I better put my phone down, and as I moved my other foot, the remaining stupid flop came off, caught in the outgoing wave and was way out of my reach.  I may have stomped up the beach in disgust. I also may have dumped my phone unceremoniously on the decking before stomping back down to the water to retrieve the rogue flip flops. In the time it took to get the phone to safety and back again, one had made its way some distance down the beach and the other one was out a metre or so. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I probably should have taken my dress off for the rescue effort, but I didn’t.  I grabbed the one that was furthest down the beach first and waded in for the other. It was below my knees so the dress was safe. What I’d forgotten was that the beach falls away slightly and it took me by surprise when a big wave washed in, took me off balance and promptly put me on my arse! Whilst I was down another one washed over me dragging me across the rocks and as it did the flip flop floated by so I grabbed it. 

Getting out, was a little trying and I resorted to hands and knees, cutting my knee in the process when the waves dragged me again.  The cleaner was watching from one of the Bures, if I had had my glasses on I would have put money on her laughing her head off at my predicament. Successful in my rescue of the flops, and getting myself out I wobbled back to the Bure with blood running down my leg, its only a scratch but boy did it bleed. Dripping excessively, I tugged off my very pretty pink dress. That didn’t have the same appeal when wet as it did when dry, and hung it over the decking rails to hopefully dry out.  

Humidity being as high as it was it was still soaking wet a few hours later as were the swimmers. So much for not swimming to keep things dry!  we chucked the lot in a plastic bag, tied a knot in the top and put it in the deal with tomorrow pile. 

We considered going to the bar for a last drink, but decided not to bother, and relaxed under the air con instead.  Another boring update for you! Sorry!  

Much Love

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