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04/03/24 Serenity Island

Our early night provided us with an early morning, and we were up having breakfast by 0730.  It was quite hazy this morning but by the time breakfast was done the sun had burnt off the most of it.  A leisurely breakfast people watching is  always entertaining.  Quite a few people we met on our arrival left today. All at various times, but their bags were in reception waiting to be loaded onto the boat depending on their departure time. In our way back to the Bure, we met Amanda carrying snorkelling kit and fins which she was on her way to return. We thought they were her own set, and so we asked if we could take possession of them until we left the Island. Amanda was more than happy to hand them over and it saved her returning them to the water sports area. The equipment looks brand new, and she said it’s very good no leaks which is a bonus. The mask looks to be clean and free of scratches and we are really looking forward to viewing the coral and fish through it and seeing it all that much more clearly. 

The resort has had a lot of  new people over the last few days, a lot of Americans including a couple of old ladies who were at breakfast having clearly  spent the night with their hair in curlers. They were obviously waiting to brush out the perfectly rowed curls after breakfast.  I debated telling them the humidity would kill any hairstyle they attempted, then decided they would figure that out for themselves soon enough. 

Recovery day today, a lot of swimming requires getting over!  After breakfast we returned to the Bure and hopped into the hammocks. A gentle breeze coming off the ocean rocked us and I was like a nodding donkey in 5 seconds flat. The WiFi has been down for a few days and as a result we’ve been shut off from the world and do you know what it’s been EPIC! Before leaving stable wifi we took the precaution of downloading books just in case we were inclined to read. Good planning, we’ve read constantly the last day or so. We stayed in the hammocks for a few hours and then made our way to see Amanda off. Unfortunately, we’d got a bit confused with the times and we missed her by half an hour. Another couple arrived when we were in reception and they were welcomed in the usual way, The staff were on the beach singing to them and welcoming them home. Also on board was the IT guy. They could have been welcoming him home too. He was there anyway so the Island could be connected to the world once more. Or then again it might not be. 

As we were up by reception we decided to go and sit by the pool for a while, and it was really nice, except the pool was just way too warm, it was almost uncomfortably so. The breeze was really nice though as the pool is up on the same level as the bar and looks out over the ocean. We had our afternoon coffee there and again we had the amazing cookies. We snaffled them pretty quickly, all warm and crispy, perfect cookies.  After the refreshments we decided to go back and chill for a while in the hammocks. Just by the boardwalk by our Bure, Appi was raking up leaves and generally tidying up, he looked really hot, so I offered him a drink from the fridge. He declined and said he’d have coconut water later as it was better. He asked us if we’d like one too, so we said yes please, and he made to get it straight away. We told him no rush at all, as we weren’t going anywhere, and didn’t want to put him out.

We collapsed into the hammocks on the beach and just lay there rocking in the breeze, such a magical yet simple thing! 

Within the hour, Appi was back and  he was using a y shaped stick to hook coconuts out of the tree growing next to our Bure. Four of them thudded to the ground, and when he had returned his stick he came back to us with his machete, and opened the coconut for us. It was beautiful, and watching him hack it open with the massive machete without cutting his hand off was mesmerising! We chatted as he hacked at the other coconuts, but stopped short of opening them completely telling us to put them in the fridge ready for the morning and he would come by and open them for us.  He used to play rugby, and was a winger, but he’s retired now but still enjoys it. then once itand that was just really really nice, and although it was hot the palm trees provided us with shade. He said next time we come to Fiji we have to bring all the family, I’m not sure there is enough room in the island for all of us! Family is everything to Fijians and they are just the nicest people. Well they are on this island, no thieving. Bottom feeders here!!  After drinking our coconut water and placing the others in the fridge we attacked the soft flesh with a spoon. It was slimy, but satisfying! Sweet, coconutty flavour but missing that dryer texture that I personally prefer, and that comes as the coconut ripened.  

There wasn’t any sunset of significance tonight, it had gone very cloudy so while the sun did set (obviously) it didn’t paint the skies in a spectacular array of colours.  However, another really great day, lazy but great all the same! 

Much Love

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