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Mumbai 8/12/23

This morning Si took the adapter apart to see if he could fix it. He got the fuse out and went to the shops to see if he could get a replacement. He was in luck and found somewhere selling the right fuse. It was 1p, we haven't got out cash for India so he tried to put it on the card, it wouldn't take it. He then picked up another fuse, the grand total of 2p now. Really pushing the boat out today, and tried a different card , which still wouldn't accept as the amount was too low. Then he decided to get a new adaptor thinking that would put the total up enough for a card purchase. Um , nope! It was £2. He had American dollars on him but they were no use, so he walked back to the hotel, changed dollars into Rupees and went back to the shop to collect his purchases.

When he got back, sweating like a good un due to the heat, he put the new fuses in and tried the adapter on the other side of the room ... and it still didnt work. So i think it's safe to say I killed our travel adaptor last night. At least it went down in a blaze of glory. The new adaptor is pretty substantial and it's legs don't wiggle about in the wall. I feel this is a much better alternative, and probably safer. It also works for Sri Lanka and the Maldives so we will get some use out of it.

We've decided to write these few days off, it's rather irritating, but just means we will have to return to India again. (Gutting I know) Next time though I will plan it better and make sure we are within a sensible travelling distance to the sights that are easliy accessible. Also considering we only have a cold, it has totally wiped us out. Even my spectacular sleeping abilities have been excelled. What's going on?? Although it has been quite a busy few weeks which will have contributed to it. On the upside, pain is manageable and mobility is reasonable. I'm Kicking the ass right out of the pool for exercise and feeling stronger so it's a win win really. Although I think Si is a bit bored now, and I can't say I'm surprised. Its a good job the facilities are excellent, the food is outstanding and the sun is shining.

Given that it took 6 hours just to complete the online Visa application (6hrs of my life I'll never get back) then add to that the hassle I had trying to sort out the flight from Dubai, maybe I should have taken the hint at the start and knocked the whole bit of the trip on the head and extended elsewhere. Some things just aren't meant to be, I have a sneaky feeling this is one of those things!! Si did say when I was doing the Visa shall we just knock that part on the head. Although that would have meant loosing 4 flights which was silly.

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