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Mumbai 6/12/23

Despite the Hotel being situated on the road and there being constant heavy traffic, it made no difference to the great night sleep we had. We decided a quiet day was in order to recharge our batteries. We located the hotel pool and made full use of it, stripping off the protective table and chair covers and making ourselves at home. The pool is outdoors on the roof. Everything has a thick layer of dust on it, and no sooner do the staff wipe it away it's back. It overlooks hotels and flats on three sides and there's a small mountain in the distance.

After a few hours the staff appeared and began to set up for an event of some description. They were sat on the floor making up colourful garlands, and chatting away amongst themselves. They were so polite and respectful, asking us if it was ok to put the music on at the pool. As they were busy and setting up we sarted to feel like we were in their way and returned to the room. Si coming out the end of a cold and me going into one, we were feeling pretty shite and went straight to sleep. Several hours later we came back to the land of the living and Si ventured down for some food. I stayed in bed and sweated a lot. nice right?

Our first day a complete write off.

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