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26/01/24 Nicholson to Mallacoota

As you might expect we slept relatively well but as it was still damp, cool and overcast which did the lovely site no favours at all, we didn't hang about. Our drive today was an estimated 4 hours and compared to the scenery we encountered the day before, it was all a little mundane, By mundane I mean no white knuckle rides an the risk of falling over the edge of the mountain and never seen again mundane. Despite that is was still some beautiful countryside and wetlands areas. We didn't get to close for fear of being eaten alive.

As it Was Australia day, it was a public holiday and the roads were busy, although, it was more so going towards the lakes than it was going our direction away from them. We made a breakfast stop in Orbost. It was bustling and people were getting ready for their celebrations. The littlecoffee shop we stopped at was nice, outside were 4 motor bikes, two off roaders and two road bikes. The gents were inside having the most enormous breakfasts. The place was quirky, and the staff were all in patchwork denim full skirts and their hair in plaits. There was a brilliant sign in the kitchen that said welcome to my mother clucking kitchen, with a chicken on it. I instantly thought of Cath and Rob, and got the obigatory photo! As you do. We took Bob in with us too, he's been pretty good navigating for us so we thought he deserved a treat today. He declined food though, but he'd been eating sweets and ruined his appetite. Naughty Bob. Outside of the cafe were pink Gnomes on sticks that were really cute, and pink so he had hos photo taken with them and seemed happy enough with that.

The weather being overcast was a lot cooler than it had been which made for more comfortable driving conditions and somehow emphasised the blackened tree trunks even more in the gloomy light. Some "open your eyes, fatigue kills" signs amused us on the way, along with "Droopy eyes? Power Nap" ones. A tiny little village callled Genoa was the turn off The Princes Highway for us. The road would take us to Mallacoota, our campsite for the next two nights. The road was 20km long, a nice bendy one, and the sunshine had returned. Hurrah for sunshine. Once again, we pulled our usual stunt of missing the turning for the site, but as it was only a KM to the town we carried on down to have a look at it. Mallacoota is a small little pace, and all allong the inlet you couldn't move for tents caravans, campers and cars, all out for the holiday weekend. we found a charity shop, and it was fate for sure, they had a cwtchy pink hoody that fitted me perfectly. Because the sun was now out, I no longer needed it, but I got it anyway because I suspect there will be more chilly days in the future. Happy with my purchase we decided we deserved a brew and maybe a snack, there was the usual fast food joints and a pub, most were shutting early, so we had a quick drink and then went to the supermarket to pick up some beer. As we are two night at the site, Si decided he would have a drink, and we were both looking forward to not having to move on early in the morning. Beers in hand, we went back to the van and took off to check out the Inlet and the wharf area. It was heaving, boats launching , boats coming in, and loads of Pelicans hopping around hoping for a free feed. I had tried to get a site overlooking the ocean, but when we drove by it I am so glad we couldn't get in because they were shoe horned in and people barely had room to get between the pitches. Satisfied that we hadn't missed out on anything, we drove the short distance to our site. It's recently been taken over and the people are working really hard from what we could see. To our great delight it was really quiet, a few large caravans and some permenant statics were all that were there. The pool looked inviting and the pitches were lovely and shaded. We needed to do some laundry and had bought laundry paper. Oh my days what a discovery, they dissolve, smell nice and the clothes come out clean. They also take up half as much room as gel capsules and I am hoping I can get them at home! The facilities were excellent, spotlessly clean, the showers boiling hot and very powerful. There were two blocks for women and two for men, as it was quiet, they had one of each open at a time, cut down on cleaning, so every day the campers could all have a clean shower. They left a bucket of disinfectant/cleaner in the shower area, with a polite request to mop up the excess water after showering. I think that saved a lot of mess and it took under a minute to swoosh around the shower cubicle.

Our site was under a tree, with a field behind us, it was really nice to throw the keys in the drawer and forget about them until sunday. We had a lazy afternoon, reading and just relaxing and stretching out. A load of laundry done, with another ready to go tomorrow, I mean, you don't want to do everything at once do you? it makes more sense to spread the load out ! We sat outside the van until the bloody mosquitos started to nibble and then as it was getting dark thought about getting ready to hit the sack. This particular site has a reputation for Koalas and Kangaroos I just hope we get to see a Koala. The warning signs for Koalas crossing, makes me think its a stitch crossing rather than a Koala, its definately more stitch like than koala. Right down to the three toes. Something to think about .

Much Love


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