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22/12/23 Himmafushi, Maldives

Our first full day on the Island. And it's pouring down, so much so we're having to almost shout to each other to be heard over it. It's lovely and warm so who cares really. Si went out for a wander, found the bikini beach, and an out door gym. On his return, after doing some training, he concluded he might not do it again. Being a tasty little morsel, the sand flies and mozzies bloody love him! He's being eaten alive despite industrial strength jungle formula insect repellent. Wait for the negative reviews I'll be leaving on Amazon. For both types I bought!

As the Maldives is a Muslim country, It's a dry one, so no alcohol. The uninhabited Islands that have the big resorts can serve alcohol, but the inhabited local ones like we're on its not allowed. There are lots of nice tea and coffee shops/cafe and we've had some delicious ginger chai teas. Himmafushi has a large mosque near the jetty, and call for prayers starts at 0500hrs. It's only since 2009 that inhabited Islanda have been able to open up as tourist resorts and our little Island currently has about 16 guest houses or hotels. It has gained a reputation for being one of the best surfing Islands in the Maldives. Being an Island and surrounded by water, there are boat building yards and fish processing units, a close proximity to the Main Island has provided some industrial growth.

I love that the Maldivians are opening up their Islands to travellers. They get to share their culture and lifestyle as well as earn money from it. Being a small Island of 900m x 750m, A full lap would take less than 40 minutes, even if you were going at snails pace. It has just one colourful Main Street. No cars are allowed but, there are a few small lorries and trucks being used for the daily running of the Island, and I think just about everyone has mopeds or motorbikes. The men folk tend to gather around the jetty with their bikes. It reminds me of the boy racers meeting up in the Fair Field car park in Abergavenny, windows down, mobile disco for one and hanging with their buddies.

Due to the rain, we didn't do a huge amount, besides put the world to rights and go for a few walks between downpours. Our hotel,The Molar Wave, I just love that name, is a two storey building the floor downstairs is sand, and its raked daily. The rain has bought down leaves and the boys are currently fighting a non stop battle against them. Its very open plan, you enter straight from the street into the dining area. to the right of the entrance is a set of stairs leading to the second floor. Just off the dining area is the reception, with two rooms. and a third one is next door to it. Another set of stairs leads up to the second floor where our room is. Its the same set up as downstairs, without the reception area. Outside the rooms there are two sets of tables and chairs, which looks out on to the street. Everyone leaves their shoes outside the doors. The boys leave their flip flops outide the kitchen door, and put them back on when they come out. Its a good habit, and I like it so will be continuing it when we finally get home.

Its school holidays now and the hotel is full, families from Male come over for a few days break, and also a couple of overnighters. The Island is very safe, and we havent bothered to lock our door, Ali has assured us there is no need and we have no reason to disbelieve him. Besides that, the boys are always around and no one gets by them.

There are Police on the Island and we noticed a Prison boat moored at the jetty, we have yet to investigate as to whether there is in fact a prison here or if they were just picking up crims.

Anyway a bit of a quiet day and not much to report I'm afraid. However, so far so good, a recovery day is a good day. Oh, and its hot hot hot!!!

Much Love


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