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17/02/24 Bowen

Ok ,So Bowen is not what you would call a hub of activity and it's not exactly bursting with life and vitality. On a Saturday morning you would at least, expect some shops to be open. Perhaps a little coffee shop, or a bakery. Nope, there was absolutely nothing going on. It's like a ghost town. The Post Office doesn't open, there are no signs of life anywhere. It's like the whole town was aducted by aliens while we slept and left Si, Me, Mildred, Bob and Kev as the sole occupants of Bowen. It's really weird! Maybe we've just got used to having an early coffee if we wanted one, Or, maybe its because its a massive agricultural area and they're all hard at work and, as such don't have the time, nor the inclination to sit about drinking coffee and eating cake. Although you do have to wonder at people who don't prioritise cake enjoyment.

Si went for a walk to see if he could find anything open, and came back with two beach towels, and some deodorant, so there are clearly signs of life out there. Cafes remained elusive so he had to wait until1000hous for the Hotel bar to open and get a coffee there. Despite having all the required facilities in the room to make a brew, it's nice to just go out and have one and watch the world go by. Although in this case, there was nothing to watch anyway!

Since the whole place was shut, we had a really quiet day, which wasn't a bad thing. It's rained almost continuously so we did some planning for the next few days and went for an early supper. Holy cow, what a difference a few hours makes. From being an utter ghost town with not a soul to be seen, the bar was bouncing. A bus load of girls all in pink had arrived, two women were belting out soft rock, (some songs better than others) another full mini bus turned up, plus a tump of people walked in off the street. Absolutely bizarre, we haven't the foggiest where they came from, or where rhey had been hiding all day. The pub was heaving, great music played, the food was good and I sung along untill my throat hurt. What a rather splendid night!! However, there were an awful lot of crocs being worn out with really nice dresses ... Discuss at will.

When the girls took a break from singing we made our escape. I conclude that it was not one of my better ideas to stop off here, but on the plus side, the room was reasonable, the staff were lovely and really helpful, and, most importantly of all Bob and Kev had their photo taken with a big old mango. Now thats not something you see every day is it? So in the grand scheme of things it wasn't so bad really. Oh and I got new floppy flips!

Much Love


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