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13/04/24 Auckland to Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Updated: Apr 25

So, this leg of the trip is already messing with my tiny brain! We left Auckland at 1530 hours on Saturday, and we arrived at 2130 hrs on FRIDAY. My mind is officially unable to cope. 

Morg picked us up this morning and kindly dropped us at the airport. We were there in plenty of time and had to go and kill some time in the coffee shop. We thought there was just the one, but we could have gone upstairs had we known and had a little more selection. What we had was nice anyway, but we now know to go upstairs next time!  

Auckland Airport was busy as you’d expect for an international airport, so I was surprised to discover there was no specific assistance desk.  We asked a few disinterested people and were finally told we just had to wait in the Que when the check in gates opened. So we did. Given the issues I’d had trying to get us booked in on line, we were expecting the check in process to be a bit longer, however, we were not expecting to Que!! Being Mildred has clearly made me very entitled hasn’t it?!  This is the first time ever we’ve not gone straight through in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed! After 45 minutes we were at check in and. On our way through the rest of security. Straight forward enough and onwards into the departure lounge. As we’d been a while in the que, our plans to go into the lounge and have food were shelved as we were by bit short on time. 

We were finally called for boarding and it was all good apart from a. Right officious numpty who was more than a tad irritating and exceptionally rude to his co workers. I sat on my hands just incase they made contact with his chops.  

The flight was as expected, we had a row of three seats to ourselves, and the flight, which was only 3.5 hours long passed quickly. 

Getting off the plane on Raratonga was in the little stacker truck and the operators were ace.  The airport itself is tiny, considering the number of flights it has in and out daily. However despite it’s diminutive size, it operates with more slickness than an oil leak from a super tanker. Seriously impressive, particularly as there aren’t a huge number of ground staff.  

The sturdy one approached us just as we got to the carousel so we hoisted her onto my lap and were out the door. Like our arrival in Fiji we were greeted with men singing and playing Ukulele which was fabulous, this time, no shell necklaces to welcome us. A very efficient lady directed us to a taxi after asking us where we were staying and within a few minutes we were leaving the airport. 

Our accommodation, just a short drive from the airport, was. The Reefcomber, Sunset Resort. It was a tad unnerving when we pulled up outside to find the main office in complete darkness. Especially as the taxi had already left n a cloud of dust. On the door was a note with our names on telling us we were in beach house number 1. Which was great, apart from the fact we had no idea where that was and it was like a coal face around the place, we couldn’t see a thing! Si left me at the office and went to have a look for our little house. He found it, and we found our way without breaking anything and let ourselves in. 

They’d left it open with the key on the kitchen worktop, and an introduction notice. Dumping the bags and locating the air conditioner and fan, we set about getting it cooled down a bit and made a cup of tea with the makings that had been left for us.  The house, for want of a better word, has a kitchen area, breakfast bar, 2 easy chairs, hanging space and of course a bed and bathroom. Out the front is a substantial covered veranda which we presume opens out onto the beach. Despite not being able to see the ocean we can certainly hear the waves.  

After what seems like the longest day ever, despite travelling back in time, we were ready for bed. Looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow. 

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