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10/04/24 Red Beach to Newmarket

Another damp cool night despite the hot water bottle and blankie, but a hot shower helped and we started sorting out. 

During the night Si had got up for the toilet and noticed that Max’s lights were on in the car. It was 0300hrs. This morning poor Max had a dead battery. Nothing at all dead as a dodo. He had managed to find someone with jump leads, and Si went over and got them connected up and the car running again.  We handed over the blankie, and I hope he finds it useful, I don’t envy him in the slightest! Bless him.  We said goodbye offered him a bed if he was in Wales and wished him safe travels. 

Our day today is a running around day doing  bits for the next part of the trip, and the ultimate final leg. 

The shopping centre we went to was a big one and had every store you could imagine. We were on a mission so there was none of that browsing nonsense Thankyou very much. In, got the stuff and back out again. Result. 

Our hotel for the next three nights is in the same street as the one we first stayed in on our arrival in New Zealand. The cheeky buggers have put their prices up so I booked the one opposite. It turns out to be a much better deal! There is an off road car park which was free and it was a whole other level in luxury from the other one. Even the staff were nicer!

Ismene was parked up in the garage and we (Simon) unloaded everything out of her and into the room. Over the last 5 weeks we appear to have accumulated a load of crap from somewhere, because now there is stuff everywhere! 

We got settled in and had a brew, before meeting Morg and Liv for supper. Archie’s is in Newmarket and somewhere neither Morg or Liv had been to before so it was new to us all. Oh my days it was awesome! The staff were great the food was delicious and better still it was happy hour so we kicked the arse out of it! Such a great night with much laughter. I may have bored them to tears with the photos, but they shouldn’t have asked!!!!!  

As they were both working in the morning it wasn’t a late night and we were all on our way home by 2000hrs. I was clutching a take home carton with my left over risotto because it was too much to finish in one meal. Massive portions on every dish that came out. If you are ever in Newmarket Archie’s is the place to eat. Pasta, risotto, pizza, steak, fish. A splendid and Outstanding place to dine. 

Warm and fed, it was time for bed, 

Much love


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