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09/04/24 Kauri Coast to Red Beach

So during the night I needed the toilet, no torch , light, candles required. Why not? Because it was a perfectly clear night and I think every star in the sky was shining down on me. I even managed to get some photos. In fairness they look just like the glow worms, but they’re not blue! 

Unfortunately it was damp and quite cool overnight, so it was a bit of a struggle this morning getting going. We’ve a very short drive today so no need to get on the road as early as we have been. Si had a leisurely breakfast in the kitchen, and I tried easing out the kinks in a hot shower. The camp site is an eco park and as such only has 4 showers and 4 toilets in the ladies. However, they are some of the best I’ve used. There is even a baby bath purpose built into the countertop and the water will only come out tepid so as not to scald the little people. The countertops are made out of recycled Kauri wood, and it looks really good. The showers were boiling hot and no timer onthem. 

Feeling a little more mobile after the hot blast of water I was ready to make a move, and, with my bumble bee hot water bottle between my back and the seat we were off. The first town of any substance we came to was Dargaville. The town is built on the Wairoa River. And was a tthriving river port exporting felled kauri timber and gum. It’s now an unpretentious agricultural centre where stockyards run shoulders with heritage weatherboard houses. We drove through and continued along the 12 highway until we came to Brynderwyn. Unless we missed something, there was nothing there either…  passing by “Sheep World”…. Because I bloody hate sheep. We got to Orewa, it’s a bit like the Gold Coast, and is pretty commercialised, however with lots of potential places to eat! Hurrah!  

The camp site was at red Beach which as its name suggests, has a tinge or red to it and twinkles in the sunshine. We were there at low tide and there were a lot of people around the rock pools and walking on the beach. There was quite a breeze lashing us coming in off the ocean, and as I could not actually get onto the beach we returned to the site. Another nice place although it seems to be in the middle of a housing estate. All the usual facilities in good condition, so nothing to complain about! 

Around 1500hrs we decided we were hungry and hopped in the car and went for some food in one of the places we’d passed on the way in. It was a Guinness bar. Perfect. We had a share plate of nachos and washed it down with Guinness. Epic.  They didn’t start serving the evening menu until 1700 so we had the nachos to keep us going. I was stuffed the portion was gigantic . Si was still ravenous, so he had loaded fries with pulled pork. It, like the nachos was enormous. I wasn’t sure he would get through them all, however, he is my hero, and he battled his way through to the end. I’m so proud of him. He’s currently in a food coma, I’m hoping he’ll be out of it shortly. 

When we returned to the site, Max had arrived. He is having the cwtchy blanket off us in the morning after tonight. With my hot water bottle filled I was ready for bed. Si went to the tv room to chat with the grown ups because I’m such bad company,

A much shorter day than we’ve become used to, and it’s the last night in Ismene. I’ve found the last 2 weeks a lot more difficult than I expected particularly as the weather got cooler and damper. But we’ve survived and had a fabulous time, we’ve seen and done some simply amazing things so it’s all brilliant in the grand scheme of things and life is bloody brilliant. 

Much Love

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