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07/03/24 Serenity Island Fiji

We had an even lazier day than normal today, I know, hard to believe isn’t it?  The usual breakfast trip was undertaken and then we just had a few hours in the hammock and on the sun lounger. 

One of the hammocks has mysteriously disappeared, we opened the door curtains and it was gone, no sign of it anywhere!

Sadly this means I had to lie on a sun lounger in the sunshine. The hardship was all to real I’m afraid. We did a brief bit of sleuthing but came up with nothing.  Definitely loosing our touch in the detective lark!  

Missing Hammock aside, the lounger on the beach was great, and I, in true lizard fashion didn’t move a muscle for hours. The tide had started coming in and the sky had gone a really ominous grey shade. We could see the rain coming our way from the mainland, and the clouds were being backed up by particularly loud thunder claps, that increased in both volume and frequency. The grey skies turned almost black, causing the ocean to change colour from a crystal blue to an almost jade green, it was seriously impressive. With the coming rain, the wind picked up significantly and the gentle waves turned into great big noisy rolling things. The speed of it was crazy! 

The first big fat spots of rain had me scurrying in to the Bure, and both Si and I sat inside and watched the heavens open in comfort. As storms go it was lacking a bit in lightning, but the rain was impressive. The noise on the tin roof of the Bure was deafening, the palms were swaying in the wind, and the thudding of coconuts falling off the trees added to what was sounding like an orchestra by mother nature!  We are still in cyclone season, although it’s coming to an end now, and this wasn’t anything like a cyclone but the speed it came in was bonkers.

It stopped an hour or so later, and the humidity went off the scale, the air conditioning worked extremely hard cooling us down. Si ventured out for coffee and cake when it eased off, but I declined as I’ve eaten enough blimin cake! He was a tad disgruntled when he returned, the number of guests has increased, and they had only eaten all the donuts. He was also a bit late getting up there and by the time he arrived  there weren’t any left. It could be because the previous two days we did REALLY well out of the cookies, so I guess it was their turn to fill their faces.  

The rain continued into the night, drumming rhythmically on the tin roof and battering the glass doors. The waves crashing over the rocks made such a racket that If we didn’t know better we could have been in rainy uk, with a bitter wind blowing us half away…  except it was about 30 degrees outside! Quite the experience! 

Much love


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