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07/02/24 Sydney

As we are moving on tomorrow, our morning was spent utilising the washer and dryer in the apartment. Whilst we've not worn much really, it all felt a bit icky and grubby after being in the van and as the facilities were there on hand it was daft not to use them. We did another cull on the bag contents, and repacked The Sturdy one once everything was clean.

Si was still in email conversation regarding the van and I did some checking in for tomorrow's flights. Well I tried to check in but for some strange reason I couldn't do it. I think it's down to the special assistance, because there is never any issue with it once we arrive at the airport. I emailed the apartments we are staying in to see if we could leave our bags there when we arrive in the morning and they got back to me straight away saying yes we could and that reception opened at 0830hrs. That would be ok because I'm pretty sure something would be open for breakfast early in the morning while we waited for them to open.

The morning flew by, and before we knew it it was time to go and meet Ray and Jo at the Fish Market. 10 minutes later we were there, once again they were waiting for us! Bugger! They had been there about an hour as it didn't take them as long as they thought it would, and they had used the time to wander around the inside of the market. We ate in the restaurant as you enter the market and selected seats that looked out over the water. Well, Si and I looked out over the water, Ray and Jo were facing the counter, their eyes on stalks as the meals were coming out of the kitchen. I had to turn around in the end because I was missing out on it all!!

We placed our orders with Ray and Jo going for the wok cooked scampi with calamari side, Si having a platter of mixed fish and me a bucket of prawns. We were watching the dishes come out and tried to get photos of them which was hilarious. We did manage a few but somehow we weren't quite quick enough off the mark. When the food came it was seriously good. Well, ours was. Ray and Jo's was distinctly underwhelming with very little actual fish, a whole lot of shell, noodles and lots of chillies. They were really disappointed and deeply regretted their choices. I felt so bad for them, because ours was so good. We did share it with them and Ray enjoyed his Calamari which was something of a relief.

Both of them have big fat blisters on their toes from all the walking yesterday! Oooops! Despite being regular walkers of their springer (our Daf's brother, Rio)for whatever reason the streets of Sydney did not agree with their tootsies! We took them back to our now favorite ice cream shop which was only a short distance from the fish market. Ray went and took some photos around the Maritime museum and caught us up. When he did, he had a friend for Bob! He'd found a little clip on Koala on the floor and picked it up. His name is Kev. Bob likes him I think, but he's a bit clingy, doesn't let go of Bobs hand .... ever. I'm not sure how long this will last, and I have had to reassure Si that he was still Bobs BFF, which did go some way to placating him.

Once we'd eaten our ice creams it was time to say goodbye. Ray and Jo are flying to Wellington tomorrow night ready for their sons wedding, and a stag do on the weekend. We tried to juggle our arrangements so that Si could go over for the weekend and join the stag do but we couldn't make it work. I was disappointed because I know they both would have loved the weekend. They have a full day in the city tomorrow so they can take things at their own pace and relax a bit!

It has been a great few days full of laughter and fun, and what's more important than that?

A quick check around the apartment confirmed we had all our things in The Sturdy one, so as we are getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning bedtime comes much earlier!

Much love


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