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Hello and welcome to Chariots of Flyer!

Chariots of Flyer is a warts and all blog of a pink loving individual with a rather warped sense of humour who was involved in a life changing car crash in 2011. In that instant, The Mobility Maverick had her dreams shattered and was forced upon an entirely different pathway to what she had planned. 

With her faithful Chariot (wheelchair) Mildred, and Hubby she has been able to do things that she thought lost to her, in particular travelling. An ongoing battle with PTSD, blackouts, chronic pain and nerve damage, while dealing with the effects of a head injury and restricted mobility have made life a little challenging. However this particular Maverick does not let things like that get in the way of living her best life.  

These are the tales of her journey so far, adventures she's had and things that have worked for her. Clearly it is a journey that is far from over,  so do come along for the ride and share the laughter and tears 

With love from the Mobility Maverick 


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