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Review of Dock and Bay Towel

Dock & Bay was founded by two travelers in 2015, “driven by the simple facts they wanted to take a risk, be themselves and enjoy their lives to the fullest, whilst having a big smile on their faces along the way”

The “about us” is what drew me investigating them further, as I love that attitude to life. Their website is easy to navigate and shows all their goods; towels along with hair wraps, swim shorts and ponchos.

I bought 1 small Sahara orange towel and 1 Patagonia Purple from the Classic Collection at £12 each. I’d seen mixed reviews and wanted to try a small one before shelling out for bigger ones.

The Dock and Bay Small towel with its carry bag

The Dock and Bay towels are compact, lightweight, fast drying microfibre towels that can be personalised of you so wished. The Small Dock & Bay classic measures 100cm x 50cm, and although smaller than a normal towel, it dried me off in no time at all after a pool session. I tried it two ways, firstly by rubbing like you would a normal towel, and I found it didn’t get me dry that way. However, when I patted/dabbed myself it worked very fast and very effectively and I was dry a lot quicker than I normally am. Which I liked. A lot! Another brilliant feature of the Dock & Bay towel is that they all have a hanging tab on them, I love this little detail, being fed up of towels sliding off hooks!

My favorite feature of The Dock and Bay Towels, the hanging loop!

My lovely Mr tried the Patagonia Dock & Bay towel, and found the same as I did, you need to dab or pat dry for the quickest and most effective drying power. All the towels come in a handy little pouch, and the size of the small one fits into my handbag as its just a bit bigger than my diary. Size ----------. I think we will keep one in the car for when we are out and about, you never know when you get caught in the rain, and the Dock & Bay towels dry themselves 3 times faster so would be bone dry by the time we got home.

There are many designs and colours to choose from, and you are definitely spoilt for choice. They also have an Eco Collection, which I love the sound of, that are made from 30% recycled materials. The Dock & Bay eco collection, like all the collections come in small, large and extra-large sizes. My next purchase is the large which measures 160 x 80 cm and I suspect it will be a Pink one! I’ll be getting the extra-large size 200cm x 90cm for next summer at the beach as sand doesn’t stick to them. The only downside to beach days!!

I purchased a Dock & Bay towel because I wanted a small lightweight towel to fit in hand luggage. When we travel, we tend to only take hand luggage as its less hassle and easier to sort out when you have a wheelchair to handle as well. Dock & Bay didn’t disappoint and I’m very pleased that it meets all my requirements.

Besides all these great features, they also delivered very quickly, and the towels come with a twelve-month replacement warranty. This cover includes replacement due to product failure. Covered is; Rips, tears, discolouration and colour runs. Normal wear and tear isn’t covered, but then, I wouldn’t expect it to be. I am pretty impressed, to me it says they have a lot of faith in their product and totally believe in it.

In 2018 they introduced a swim short range made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, I’m ordering a pair for the Mr, so once he’s worn them, I will do a review.

I purchased the product with my own pennies, and this is my honest opinion of Dock & Bay Towels. I have not been paid to write this, although that would be very nice indeed if that was the case!

You can buy online from

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