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20/12/23 Colombo

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Last day in Sri Lanka. Nothing planned for the day just some housekeeping to attend to. Si ripped his trousers pocket along the way so I fixed that. He now has a white 'L' on his right arse pocket. I only have white cotton!!

Turned up the wide leg trousers in anticipation of threading them with the elastic I just happen to have bought with me, I now need to take them in the waist as I have lost a pound or two and they're falling down. More elastic required there.

Took the pockets out of my shorts, opened up the side seams to stitch the pockets back in them, and make them an adjustable waist.

They can then shrink with me! I do need buttons or poppers for that. which I don't have. School girl error. I guess I could buy some more clothes but no point just yet. More important things to do!!

Our last supper in Sri Lanka was in the Steuart&co, a building dating back to the 1800's, just at the top of the street from the hotel. It felt very Scottish, the staff all in tartan waist coats. The food however was anything but! Masses of prawns in the salad starter, and just a pure assault on the taste buds! I had some chicken soup, I've never had chicken soup like it. Vegetables of unknown variety and lots of different spices!

There was a dessert challenge.... if you could eat it in 30 minutes you had it for free!! Photo to be attached of the contents. I didn't try it but only because it was for two and I didn't feel like sharing. Oh and Si doesn't really like ice cream. Had I known of this challenge earlier I would have attempted it!!

We ate early because we had to be up early for the taxi to the airport. Looking forward to phase 6 starting tomorrow and landing in the Maldives!

Laters peeps

Much love


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